Friday, May 29

adventures in babysitting Fynn

then i taught him the African Xhosa clicking language, we planted sun fower seeds, drank a 40, and then... i actually really did feed him some (precooked) chicken nuggets his mom left...later she told me i was supposed to nuke them 1st...who knew?
i give it up to you parents, love the kids, want one ... someday.

Thursday, May 28

shatter ( song songs player as well, btw)

beach,rachel True

rachel true
Shatter lyrics by Liz Phair from Exile in Guyville
I know that I don't always realize
How sleazy it is messing with these guys
But something about just being with you
Slapped me right in the face, nearly broke me in two
It's a mark I've taken heart
And I know I will carry it with me for a long, long time
I don't know if I could drive a car
Fast enough to get to where you are
Or wild enough not to miss the boat completely
Honey, I'm thinking maybe
You know, just maybe
I don't know if I could fly a plane
Well enough to tail spin out your name
Or high enough to lose control completely
Honey, I'm thinking maybe
You know, just maybe

a tweet from yesterday...
i admit cloaked in safety of night... i think of thee, and lessons learned.
funny thing is, it's not about the one who assumes/just knows it's about him... or the one who wants, or one who doesn't want it to be about them... it's the unassuming kayzer souze in younger days who slipped by, that's who's scent i catch occasionally...
one more cup of coffee for the road w/ dylan and off i go....

love twitter- it's prob good you must be brief.... x True

Wednesday, May 27

swine flu '09 tour 2 versions

holiday in mexico!
w/ great group of camera shy people,(film critics, writers, pr peeps etc..) so despite how it looks, laura siverman and i did not vacation alone... we're just 2 actors willing to make fools of ourselves on camera...

Longer version, even kathy griffin in her fab bikini body...
also the fabulously talented and funny writer Margy wants it mde clear she was working while on holiday, had a super good time, which it might not look like as i stuck a camera in her face at all the wrong times....thanks fab mexico travel buddies!

Tuesday, May 26

let's talk about this feaky ass bug....

size frame of reference photo...

humanoid eyes... clearly an ancient space traveler who's ship was destroyed...
weird bug face

trapped in a me, for m,e to photo...then set merrily go do freaky giant hasshper leaf stuff...


Monday, May 25

oy my aching ego....

ok- i'm having one of those horrible weird gossipy childhood flashbacks i hadn't thought of in years... (this is door to pad we stayed at on holiday, think i put it up just to be a brat! spank me now. No not you...the karma monkey)

short story (i'll try) during the regents exams at the all white school i attended (east coast college boards) i scored a perfect 100 on the english (as well as attaining to that point the highest SAT scores the school had ever seen- alas upstate ny... i'm smart but jeez... no wonder i begged my parents to send me to Simons Rock....)

ok so i see on FB today the girl who they lowered my score for... so she could get the ROTC scholarship that was linked w/ highest regents grade suddenly went from 100 to not 100... and i lost out on , well thank god not ROTC money, but other grants i needed..... boiling mad i was at the time.... and all these years later i felt..

cheated again? Angry? Sad? an old wound... shame spiral...
it's victimy to remain in a space of sorrow or shame for life, when so much good is all around.
i think the victim lurks in a lot of us... its' how we understand it and move w/ it ...i see it mirrored back, lessons everywhere. even in ROTC. because that poor girl, kinda knew, but that was her way out of a shitty little upstate NY town... and nobody expected me to put the locals to shame and that is why i got a telly show and movies, no really- because i knew if i didn't make it happen on my own and not crumble when i didn't get way i had a shot ps..... and more to the point, my hurt is not at ROTC or her, it'a about me feeling not taken care of by the establishment, but that's a great lesson for a mixed chick to learn young...

Now I feel a weird affection and appreciation for that memory
... because it's those nicks and brusies and toughen us up, and prepare us for the world we live in...

but the beyotch better not friend me, s'all i'm saying, G.
isn't the point to realize when you've projected feelings on to another human being, or event.. and lets face it was her cosmic path was to get that scholarship.... and have her dad be mayor... oopss, there i go again. stop me-
it's about releasing and shifting the hold the our minds use to protect us, it worked as kids , not so much as an adult....fell pain we felt... and release it. so it doesn't turn into disease....

i remember years ago saying, out frigging loud, like, a lot, 'i release you fear, i know you've served me, but i'm pretty sure some one somewhere needs this flight or flight sensation to actually stay alive... but it's not me... it' never really was, but you came in handy... so thanks and bye...' w/ respect though.

why do we focus on the negs, when the garden, occasionally grey, is alive with joy....

Sunday, May 24

truth in advertising

people have seen these pics for awhile.... but i wanted to show it wasn't always zen fearlessness.... i mean they're friggin wild friggin lions for christ sake.... but i like that because i'm an actor i know how to occasionally put aside fear and just perform, as witnessed from pic 1 to pic 2.... some call it disassociating, i call it my career.... my fantastic guide Henri had same lil powershot point n shot as me, and took great pics, i thank him kindly. ps green thing in my pocket was passport so if anything happened they could at least identify me body.... and had i known he'd be adept w/ camera i would of like, done my hair and maybe slapped some gloss on...

um, i'm totally freaked...
rachel true

Smile for the camera, you know i love ya better...
rachel True

Saturday, May 23

fought my way outta this one...

singing a lorelie sirens song for you makes me brown eyes blue.
almost green

Friday, May 22

peaceful warrior

I like this pic, it's the my face from a nude, i'm not ashamed to put complete pic up, the body is to be celebrated... but why just for the sake of it... in it's original context.. or if the photog, Lucy Lui wanted to show it, i'd be proud. i remember hating my body so much when this pic was taken..and yet i don't look uncomfortable... wish i'd seen/felt it's power then... it's a great reminder of 'don't it's always seems to go, you don't know what you got till it's gone...., luckily not too far gone! x

Saturday, May 16

holiday does a body good....

more to come on mexicoco.... need time to ruminate on it...

tres nondemominal angels, that greet guest at house we stayed at...
more clouds
It's clouds illusions i recall... i really don't see clouds, at all....

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
Ive looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way
Ive looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

Moons and junes and ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way you feel
As evry fairy tale comes real
Ive looked at love that way

But now its just another show
You leave em laughing when you go
And if you care, don't let them know
Dont give yourself away

Ive looked at love from both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
Its loves illusions I recall
I really dont know love at all

Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say I love you right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
Ive looked at life that way

But now old friends are acting strange
They shake their heads, they say Ive changed
Well somethings lost, but somethings gained
In living every day

Ive looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
Its lifes illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all
Ive looked at life from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
Its lifes illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all

both sides now, baez and joni are just thee bee's knees on this song

Saturday, May 9

i am wondering when i will feel like a grown up....

the 1st pic is from last fall...

because i still just feel like me... which i dig, cause me's alright by me... i guess i thought it would feel... i don't know...know i've grown when i look at my past.. maybe that's what feeling like a grownup is... being able to accept ones self, flaws and all... and not feel defensive when those flaws are pointed out or rear up like a chimera of the past....old habits are certainly ingrained, but i dig new ways of thinking and creating life, not just the life reported on the news... like if i hear 'in these troubled times' one more time on the news...

visit from Mr. Wilde, who'll be beaming down shortly it's said, will do nicely, he brings out the best in me. Mr. Kafka is out 1 guest room.

oh how much i've changed btw... not that i mind... a friend of my dads took this... so i was grown, but some how uncle bruce brought out the girl in the would be woman...

rachel true

Thursday, May 7

so, not to be macabre or anything..

i've always been fascinated by the song 'don't fear the reaper', yes, sure it's the cowbell... but it's just so perfectly grandiose and of the time... totally into the decade old at leas, Gus Gus cover version...

they used this version as my friends theme song in movie and i was jelly till i realized i've had rad theme songs in a movies, but they put it in, in post, so it's not like you know it's your theme till your watching the movie w/ everyone else... i mean you're not playing the scene with the music on while filming... but yeah, i digress...

point is it's on my player.. and it's gorgeously morose...i'm a sucker for rock and strings. it's very well done, and unless you can take a classic and make it yours why bother. that's why i hate american idol. except for clarkeson. and i hate the soprano sax .yes really. and yes, kenny g must pay.

tonights mumbo jumbo spanish style
as lunas inquieto, esta noche me dan la paz. esta noche duermo un ojo abierto un cerrar de ojos, apartarse de la atracción luminosa.

translation- moons restless, night give me peace. tonight i sleep with one eye open, one eye shut, turning away from the luminous pull.

to live and die in LA

shop window across the street from theatre i was at last night. these chicks shoulda come to gig and chilled- guitar and cello music will soothe the soul.
there's something about this pic that's soooo 80's eh?

This town is our town, It is so glamorous, Bet you'd live here if you could And be one of us- the Go Go's

the dead father

dead father
somethings, some expressions, you can't take back, or change...

i was on telly with my dad, who (big surprise) had a verbosely intellectual patois mixed w/ ragey anger that eventually took him out.

i was feeling judged at this moment, why i snapped it. despite his genius IQ and fair to questionable advice/lecture, and love the man could drive you nuts.

he's gone now, and sometimes i still think, oh let me call dad so i can... then i remember, no phone required... just thought waves to the universe now...

this will so not become my death blog, btw... but these are the things that have been going on... and y'know how it and my family knew he had @ 5 months left or so-ish at this point.... so, it's frustration at his dominating patriarchol old school dialogue, but sadness that those parry/spar days were numbered....

mumbo jumbo tweets of la luna

me va a golpear en la cabeza, que se encuentra el sueño de mí, para que pueda saludar mañana con la confianza de un ave fénix

-going to hit myself in head, let sleep find me, so i may greet tomorrow with the confidence of a phoenix- (much prettier in espanol!)

la luna está casi lleno, deseo de dormir, como todas las buenas niñas .. se aullido a la luna y las estrellas de la copa de esta noche

-the moon is almost full, i wish for sleep, like all the good girls do..i will howl at the moon and drink from the stars tonight

la luna se está haciendo a mí pensar. la luna está llorando un poco.

-moon is getting to me tonight, think the moon is crying a little

Tuesday, May 5

Rachel against the machine


from twitter @mattcherry read this urban legend about the website that me & @RachelTrue shut down today *word*

heres the deal, a link had it's url pointing to fb.... why would you type that? you wouldn't till someone tells you it exists.some teets on twitter were like- don't give it attwntion, don't attract it, haven't u seen the secret'.... totally valid.... i wrote back, my methods are for me, and i celebrate the freedom we have to approach things diffrently, and i'd never assume others would should subscribe to them.

that said, 2 phone calls, between me and @mattcherry on twitter... and url was unlinked from Facebook by godaddy... problem solved. by picking up the phone.... not terribly revolutionary, just a tiny effort and ability to deal w/ bad hold music required...
i know i have a big mouth, i'm glad i back it up....

Monday, May 4

brideshead revisted style

when i was a kid i thought i'd get a baby and/or teddybear and name it Aloysius... now i feel light and indifferent...
i think it's important to enjoy the life one has, and not take to much time mourning the life you wanted, dreamed, even had for a moment...
sometimes i really do sit back and thank the universe for my life as is.
i ♥ the Ram Dass book
Be Here Now..

Don't think about all those things you fear...
just be glad to be here..... xx

Sunday, May 3

inane tweets o' the day

in abeyance ... for oh so many things...

Abeyance is a white room with black curtains near the station.... replete w/ guitar solo

btw, yes absolutely, i do look exactly like my profile pic... all the time.... upon waking, taking out garbage, & def while in abeyance..

sofa just demanded we "get up off it, or start paying rent" me-"beeyotch i own you and your fancy pillows too." sofa-zed me-1

am not responsible for your out of control egos people. only my own.

i have a blog, why? i dunno, to let voices out in more than 140 characters?

living in nyc as a kid had its merits....


ever since seeing in the museum as child, this work of art has fascinated me to no end....
and the Brooklyn botanical gardens the Cloisters, chinese new year dragons, dradel songs,korean painting class, operettas at the performing arts kids schools, lions at the library, cello lessons, styvesant town, multiculturalism, mixed kids, hidden nyc triangle shaped coutyards bursting w/flowers, cobblestone streets, bookie flower man on the corner, yoyos in springtime, egg eclair soda w/ no egg off tompkins sq park.... playground swings so you could touch the sky.

Friday, May 1

oprah +hugh jackman +nate +gail ⇒on coming out and gay marriage=brilliant pauses.

i think that was my fb status, which kicked off a minor discusion of my sexual oreintation- a girl asked if i was 'family', another jumped in and said,no, but family friendly... i wasn't sure what any of that meant so i summed it up as, if by family you mean gay, then no... but I believe in equality for all of (insert any deity here) creatures, and other states legalizing gay marriage while CA remains stodgy and trapped in church dogma over issue... is mind boggling.

It's not lost on me that Mona has a pretty decent following amoung young black lesbians, was it the shoes?, the hair? my friends ask- i like to think her ability to show her flaws and carry on, makes her universal to all women really.... but shout out to all the great girls i've met who've expressed love for mona.
recently i was at the gladd awards, and a group to gay high school students approached me for pictures, etc.. i can honestly say i've never heard the words 'lemme take you to prom, i'll take care of you' said so laciviously by a 16 year old girl(s) before. i admired their confidence, and joy for the world they're about to inherit. rachel

before i tamed lions, and old friends..

check out my friend Dom's book site link He's an incredibly talented writer!

 I merit a very minor footnote in his biography section-

'I embraced Deleuzian thought who no one at university in those days strangely dared to consider. I understood what it was to be a minority of one. Avenue A and 7th Street, that’s where, tucked up with India.'

we were a verbose movie making pair-♥ to my silly Eaton boy and his stuffy english ways...

East village NYC
rachel True

- i think we are able to remain true genuine friends... because.... even though we both did the things all people do to each other we'd take healed... talking to D is like no time has passed... and eons of life times have passed....
for that moment in time, we had each others back...and we still do.
can't say that about all ex friends or lovers... people can be takers, seeking, sucking what they can, leaving your liquified insides all messed up, no draino insight... but even those are worth the beautiful pain and lessons.
now, i prefer pals razor sharp of wit and humor, who respect each other enough not to eviscerate each other w/ works thoughts or actions.... Frenemies make me want to seal away in a hermetically sealed box of my own design...
i saw D. in Holland fairly recently and he was as smooth and as Dom as always...such a cad about town- he works a bit for Mick Jagger and got me the most awesome amazing bloody seats and meet and greet passes for me and friends, when the Rolling Stones were in LA...
we ran late, missed opening smooze do...

then Dom and i ichat and he says, Oh Mick asked about you....
could kill my late leaving the house self sometimes...who doesn't want to think they flitted across the mind of micK Jagger?!
it's amazing and a gift to have a lovely old friend who knows and see's you for what you are, good bad and sideways..
ode to a past life in l had in East village of NYC. was that me?
ps people who feel/see the power & strength of others are often enchanted or threatened... why no middle ground? asks the scorpio : )


i like the minamalist approach of micro blogging... just a few hopefully concise words, and your out... like todays..
"kathy griffin said if we go to Mexico, get swine flu it'll be her death on the the D-list. um, fun for her, not so much for me"
get's the point across... see we'd planned a trip, before.. before the news only started reporting on flu... making me wonder what else politically is gestating, but not being reported on....Rachel.

ps- muppet i most identify w/- Animal of course.... Janice is close 2nd, then gonzo...