Thursday, June 18

quick note...

Hey, blue meany haters leaving shitty web comments to me, have a great day!

i wanna start w/ few things every woman should have in no order of importance-
1) A cordless drill w/ a keyless chuck
2) A fire extinquisher
3) hot chocolate, so when you crave sweets you have a cup o cocoa instead and save 900 calories... and trip to deli.
4) a past heartache so you appreciate and recognize real thing...
5) flashlight that works
6) great love... for another, for life, for yourself.

Now on to the real business at hand- i wanted to do a follow up to the 'too solid flesh blog' but got kinda thrown off by the comments.....

i'm really happy to say most people, and especially woman 'got it' and i appreciate that.. the comments of encouragement re setting goals are great... i just got some MBT walking shoes, make you walk 'properly', and stand up straight....which for me is a good thing. kinda look like 1950's orthodec shoes, but i don't care, my poor lil feet need the help! the shoes also make you work the back of thigh muscle and glutes, so here's hoping my 1/2 jewish ass remembers it's got some black dna coding in there somewhere.

i was disappointed by 'you're begging for attention or validation' comments from people (mainly men) who obviously only looked at the picture....there was nothing you wouldn't see on a beach, or in a tv commercial.
does a womans body and innate sexuality scare you boys that much???? c'mon if i was that girl i'd be friending you on myspace w/ an ass shot as avatar..and apparently you'd like that.
if you've landed on blog.... chances are you may not know me, but i think can discern my sensibilites....

And to those who drink their haterade and leave weird mean spirited comments you would never have the cojones to say to a stranger to their face- save for myspace- and you keep hiding on the net- it's a good place for you....clearly the real world might be too much.... but get off my page.. vampires can't enter w/o invite..... everybody knows that, duh!