Thursday, April 15

to and fro i go...

turn off music player on right, or you won't hear anything!

Thursday, April 8

what i, & most actors do...

Charlie Rose once asked a director why actors talk about their auditions, and the director replied along the lines of 'because that's most of what they do'...
and that's true, our job a lot of the time IS auditioning... only we don't talk about it... on twitter  & stuff.... cause it's private.
most actors are super busy auditioning, taking meetings... then super not busy...then super busy, then super not... and wash and repeat.
maybe auditions aren't every day, but you're busy reading through scripts you've been offered, and deciding if if want to do the part... some days, it's deciding yes or no between more than one job you've been offered and you decide which suites you... some days.. it's making a dress, or gardening or hiking.
Hollywood can get slow...  then we performers/ show folk travel and unravel... or at least i do.

So, for all the twitter or FB people who ever asked- hey Rachel...have any auditions?
 answer- Yes. duh. that's kind of like me asking you if you went to work today. I'm an actor.... it's what I do, audition and then work on tv and film projects you may or may never see. and...

sometimes the 'business' of acting has a slow, steady old school wooden roller coaster rhythm.
other times a weird tunnel wagnerian tune straight out of the chocolate factory... sans gene wilder.
other times a 'we gave you Obama now you wanna be on TV' thumping inside your head beat. beating. like the drumming in a time lords head lately, frankly.

 here's some stills (not usually available to us the actors) from...
1) the initial audition... or right before...where i was reading for a room full of fabulous in charge folks

2) the next time i auditioned on the audition/test day... where it's down to you and ony a few others.... and you read for another room full of fabulous and even more in charge folks, actually, the most in charge people, the people who run the network or studio project... a lot of women executives at this one, btw, very encouraging to see!

then, um... yeah, no i didn't get the part, but the awesome Malinda Williams did, and that's cool because she's a lovely person, and ultimately every actor gets the parts they are supposed to....  I would have been a great choice... she's a different great choice.  we're all still great btw... that's the benefit to not letting others or situations define your awesomeness.

in any field to get down to the final choices out of the hundreds, or more, who vied for the SAME job is cool. it's like getting the bronze or silver medal... you did good. el fin.

once you let go of attachment of the outcome, it's easier to be happy for others, yourself & it's easier for the body to express your art... i had fun auditioning for this project and that's golden, pony boy.
next ones mine,  excelsior! (nerd alert- stan lee is hysterical on twitter, btw @smilingstanlee i think...)

ps- ran into the ever stunning Nicole Ari Parker outside, she was not auditioning, she'd driven Malinda, (both were on Soul Food on Showtime) to the appt. that day, both are seriously talented women and still friends with each other years after working together.. that's actually not the norm in LA. lovely to see. Rachel.