Tuesday, May 5

Rachel against the machine


from twitter @mattcherry read this urban legend about the website www.niggabook.com that me & @RachelTrue shut down today http://bit.ly/zOTny *word*

heres the deal, a link niggabook.com had it's url pointing to fb.... why would you type that? you wouldn't till someone tells you it exists.some teets on twitter were like- don't give it attwntion, don't attract it, haven't u seen the secret'.... totally valid.... i wrote back, my methods are for me, and i celebrate the freedom we have to approach things diffrently, and i'd never assume others would should subscribe to them.

that said, 2 phone calls, between me and @mattcherry on twitter... and url was unlinked from Facebook by godaddy... problem solved. by picking up the phone.... not terribly revolutionary, just a tiny effort and ability to deal w/ bad hold music required...
i know i have a big mouth, i'm glad i back it up....