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Friday, October 29

To live & dye in L.A. ~ exhibit A

before the late night dye go round these were..
  1. nanette lepore skirt, was white w/  diff colour stripes...never wore because who needs a big white cloth ass right? will prob dye again for a deeper grey.
  2. old raw silk scarf, was dingy orange.
  3. skirt, was white w/ embroidered pink flowers.
  4. nanette lepore jacket, was a dated odd light green & white w/navy stripes... (stitching didn't dye, I'll work that out & replace buttons) found this at a resale store for $35, saw potential~ might re-dye for deeper colour.
  5. tulle velvet top, was a great shade of ecru, until time made it look just dirty ecru.
  6. silk dress was  light pink with white flowers.
  7. top, was a grungy white from age.. (and litle dee dees from Half & half)
to live & dye in L.A. ~exhibit A

I do so love clothes, but occasionally get really bored w/stuff, colors fade to dreary,or most likely, i've stained them, as i am a clumsy gal who forgets to dry clean in a timely fashion.

SO... rather than get rid of the offending garments a cheap easy wardrobe remake is to dye them! AT YOUR OWN RISK, might I add... I've absolutely dyed things to a muddy murky mess, at that point I usually just dye them black & hope for the best.

if you follow easy to find guides online on how to combine to achieve desired color it really helps. for these pieces i used reg ole rit dye found at local drug store. there are professional dyes w/ more staying power available online, but i wasn't feeling waiting.

I used a few diff dye combos like brown & wine for the darker maroon. another thing to consider is diff material takes dye diff ways...
sometimes it can really weaken a fabric, causing it to tear if you're not careful handling the wet item.(bye bye, never wore you anyways, Moschino dress)I rinsed stuff in machine, but will also pray it doesn't rain while I'm wearing.

oh and totally wear gloves cause my hands look like i been a working in a coal mine.
good luck, lemme know if you try it! xx True

Monday, October 11


now's here a view you don't get in Los Angeles...  for my pals birthday we rented a loft in Tribeca for the same price as 2 hotel rooms... brilliant week was had by all.  oh the stiries i could tell... but i wont, for I am a scorpio after all. xx True

Saturday, August 21


oh, i've been busy this summer! how bout you? i'd share but some things are best savored in silence...

1. a make up lady said the points of my lips are dated. he he he. i love my pointy filler 7 toxin free lips & tiny elf ears.

2. a friend asked why i put my cups in face down in the cupboard.... i gave i imagine a standard nyc lower east side kids answer.
cause that way the ROACHES might not get inside them. those bold, giant, egg sack carrying room mates were everywhere in that  cramped E.10th st apt. impervious to raid, and fond of running cross my face in the non solitude of night. thank god roaches in NYC seem less of a problem then when i was 5. now its bed bugs claiming the island.
  ps. why do we call 'killer bees' 'Africanized bees' and roaches just 'roaches', instead of german roaches? just saying...

3.i made this dress, not the jacket... then realized i'm am not particularly a
 fan of silk. even Nanette Lapore silk from mood fabrics. at leat it kinda looks like a piece of clothing. yeah!

4. be nice to the people you love, no matter how much they piss you off.
XO ~ True

Thursday, June 3

nerdy good kinda clean fun with fabric and ink!

realized i could put fabric ironed to freezer paper (carefully) through my wide formant printers...printed any image i found, w/ various results. fun!

pigment ink on textured linen and 100% cotton, largest print @17 by 22...











Thursday, April 15

to and fro i go...

turn off music player on right, or you won't hear anything!

Thursday, April 8

what i, & most actors do...

Charlie Rose once asked a director why actors talk about their auditions, and the director replied along the lines of 'because that's most of what they do'...
and that's true, our job a lot of the time IS auditioning... only we don't talk about it... on twitter  & stuff.... cause it's private.
most actors are super busy auditioning, taking meetings... then super not busy...then super busy, then super not... and wash and repeat.
maybe auditions aren't every day, but you're busy reading through scripts you've been offered, and deciding if if want to do the part... some days, it's deciding yes or no between more than one job you've been offered and you decide which suites you... some days.. it's making a dress, or gardening or hiking.
Hollywood can get slow...  then we performers/ show folk travel and unravel... or at least i do.

So, for all the twitter or FB people who ever asked- hey Rachel...have any auditions?
 answer- Yes. duh. that's kind of like me asking you if you went to work today. I'm an actor.... it's what I do, audition and then work on tv and film projects you may or may never see. and...

sometimes the 'business' of acting has a slow, steady old school wooden roller coaster rhythm.
other times a weird tunnel wagnerian tune straight out of the chocolate factory... sans gene wilder.
other times a 'we gave you Obama now you wanna be on TV' thumping inside your head beat. beating. like the drumming in a time lords head lately, frankly.

 here's some stills (not usually available to us the actors) from...
1) the initial audition... or right before...where i was reading for a room full of fabulous in charge folks

2) the next time i auditioned on the audition/test day... where it's down to you and ony a few others.... and you read for another room full of fabulous and even more in charge folks, actually, the most in charge people, the people who run the network or studio project... a lot of women executives at this one, btw, very encouraging to see!

then, um... yeah, no i didn't get the part, but the awesome Malinda Williams did, and that's cool because she's a lovely person, and ultimately every actor gets the parts they are supposed to....  I would have been a great choice... she's a different great choice.  we're all still great btw... that's the benefit to not letting others or situations define your awesomeness.

in any field to get down to the final choices out of the hundreds, or more, who vied for the SAME job is cool. it's like getting the bronze or silver medal... you did good. el fin.

once you let go of attachment of the outcome, it's easier to be happy for others, yourself & it's easier for the body to express your art... i had fun auditioning for this project and that's golden, pony boy.
next ones mine,  excelsior! (nerd alert- stan lee is hysterical on twitter, btw @smilingstanlee i think...)

ps- ran into the ever stunning Nicole Ari Parker outside, she was not auditioning, she'd driven Malinda, (both were on Soul Food on Showtime) to the appt. that day, both are seriously talented women and still friends with each other years after working together.. that's actually not the norm in LA. lovely to see. Rachel.

Wednesday, March 17

childhood scribblings

my step mom was a actor & teacher who taught me to read & write @ 4... these are from when i was 5... i think it's good I didn't become a poet!
non the less, i like having them... i get these flash memories of me at that age... and, um.. apparently i was a morbid kid!
my penmanship & spelling never improved btw, rachel.

Wednesday, January 27

whine, a little. tennis too!

I love tennis, like... you love baseball, jai lai or football -which i know nothing about and once turned down amazing superbowl seats cause.... i didn't care and dude called me up like an hour before the game so clearly i was the back-up 'impress you w/ my tickets but can you be ready now' call.

anyway, I'm particularly fond of Wimbledon. Probably because it's the slam that happens during summer, so school wasn't an issue, I'd get up so excited, all alone, at 6 am to watch breakfast at Wimbledon, (even though i loathe strawberries, the cream part always intriguied my childhood mind) Grass play with a chewed up baseline will always be my favorite.

oh, shockingly, I digressed...
In watching the Australian open this week and 2 secs of ice skating, I realize how much athletes and actors have in common...both jobs require you quell insane nerves/anxiety and conquer the mountain in real time, in one shot, maybe 2 if you're lucky.... oh, darn, I digress again...

because the point of ALL this is...
Athletes have these fucking amazing bodies of the gods!!! I admire that sooooo much.
i'd been harshing on mine lately cause I put on 5, ok, fine, 7lbs....I'd been annoyed at my body, even thought I know you gotta love it to change it, and nobody but me made me eat all those of cookies.
And... I'm aware it's totally wrong to think the body of an under developed tween girl is normal for a grown woman, despite it being the norm in LA. I'm just aiming for fit and healthy here.

I need to start eating better and exercise, which i haven't, because i'm lazy.....
My chest is insane for a girl my height; I'm like jessica simpson/ rabbit size. ~ i've never considered plastic surgery, though I secretly dream of a boob reduction. ~  I'm a bloody D right now, small C/B when thinny thin. Moms an A.. A minus actually.  what gives?
oh right, Dads german jewish genes that grow my boobs out and ass/hips wider... not at all shelf like.

So, to jump start and trick myself, I exercise areas of of my body that'll tone up quick, so I don't get discouraged..(until i had a trainer briefly) I'd no idea my arms had muscles, much less ones that respond pretty quickly to light weights...
And legs, this pic was taken today, having not worked out in a millenium. I attribute them to I dunno, genetics? being forced to join the track team and suck at it in high school? walking around NYC?

Also, I must thank the universe for giving this short girl proportionally longer arms and legs. you know that body equation where your foot is the same size as your elbow to your wrist... try it it's true! I used to want tiny tiny feet, till I realized tiny tiny tiny arms and legs would go with.

So i is it possible my entire mid section has gone poof or puff? or invited a lot of friends to visit, is more apt.
The price of the arms and legs is, I have no real torso, like none... my true waist is super high, right under my chest and then there's a whole lotta hip action going on for a while... which again, I'ma have to give a shout out to my European ancestors, cause nada on the black side has this figure o' mine.
I'm capable of abs too... but i loathe doing 100 or more sit ups a day! i will though, as the core is vital to keep you standing upright and having it tight really does alleviate most back pain.

So, it's  back to the elliptical for cardio on a reg basis, squats bla blah blah..  sweet endorphins here i come, which can only be a good thing!

Wednesday, January 20

Every little teeny tiny or a lot a lot helps.

Every little bit helps when it comes to thinking of others...
whether you give 5 bucks, 500, 5000, blankets & socks, prayers,... it's the spirit that it's given in that matters most.
Also let us not forget that right here on the home front there's fellow human need.
 I know most Americans are strapped right now, so it doesn't need to be cash when you give... maybe you have a violin you never play a kid in band could use, an old computer to donate, a beater car the kids in shop would love to tear apart or time to give to your favorite organization... any and all would be appreciated I'm sure. xx Rachel.

Saturday, January 9

face book Q&A blog! (better late than... yknow the rest...

 Now I kinda get why wax tiger ignored the mocha.

 So... Happy new Decade!
(yes btw i know were using a roman calander w/arabic numerals so no need to remind me it's not really 2010.)
 many of you asked hey, watcha up to?.. i've done some film work that's in the can, but i don't know when it's out so i've been focused on writing, personal growth, and stepping back to enjoy the life I've carved out and what i'd like to accomplish next, navigating & plotting the next course... 'w/ miles to go before i sleep'...

Here goes... sorry if my answers bore you to tears... squish squish darling.

 Richie Wright Phillips
hey !!!!!!!! rachelle true ?????? what's Goin On ??? richie Your LOvely Fan ??? in french Of paris My valable associate
um.. yes? not much.... er, OK.. merci?

Katherine Raymond
if you had your choice of what u would come back as after you leave this earth, what would it be?
i think i'd like to not come the stars as energy to new universes... but, if you mean like animal/min/veg.... 
i'm gonna have to go w/ horse.. my cousin owns a barn & riding school, i still have a horse shoe she gave me when i was like 8...
veg- er... um... spinach... covered in cheese. 
mineral- er... fuck.. um.. ok.. ruby? rose quartz... diamonds are sparkly..malachite, tough to, greens not me color... um something sparkly & blue today.
lol, kathy!

Nancy Archer
How do you manage the need for exposure vs. vulnerability?
hmmn..I've learned a lot visa vi this issue as of late. i embrace and fear the Orwellian themes of the current internet.... tho i enjoy it's global community vibe.
i was described as being 'aloof' online... I don't see that,but maybe it's because i don't comment on others pages a lot. it's easier and more time efficient check my page, honestly...i have a net presence w. boundaries, which means essentially i will block a mo fo, in a heartbeat, in more ways than one.
i've never understood why people get upset when they don't get attention on web from essentially strangers. to me, the FB, twitter is all like frosh year at NYU, minus the dying of the hair to announce I'm someone new & special DAMMIT.

Lisa Renee
hey Rachel! my 12 yr old son, who luvs u, doesn't believe that it's actually u responding & posting on FB. Could u hit my inbox & let him know it's actually u? He's watching his video of The!
i don't actually send emails out via FB or myspace. i have tons of silly vids proofing it's me, show them to him! rachelthetrue is my youtube channel name. or show him this and tell him i said 's'up... hows school going? my fav subjects in school were English.'

Timmy Gleason
"Nowhere" was a thing of beauty!! Any plans to work with Greg Araki again?
I LOVE GREGG!!! i really hope to in the future!!!

Asani Turner
Do you have or foresee any independent projects that you would like to produce/act in on your own? Are you interested in producing your own works outside of acting? (Not sure if you have or not) Thanks!
i"m more of a writer and director than producer type... indie climate and Hollywood is going through an interesting phase right now, I hope to have a script I've written, (whether i act in it or not) seen to fruition. sooner than later. i do love living in this time of tech revolution.... making a film is easier than 10 yrs ago... getting it seen another matter.

Dennis Martin
What do you want for Christmas?
(late i know) i want for very little, i desire so very much...but on the important tip, health care, getting outta war, school arts & gym classes restored...... tha't'd be spectacular.

Brent Miller
Have you ever considered directing?
yes, working on my multi tasking.

Ray Nerd
What's the most thought provoking question you've ever been asked?
i don't remember really... i like uncovering things about others...

Jai Powell
How do you differentiate between someone that is interested in "Rachael the actress" as opposed to "Rachael the person" who just happens to be an actress?
trial & error before... now intuition is pretty accurate in that dept.

Denene Brox
What is your screenplay about and how long have you been writing?
i ca't give the plots away.. one is a coming of age piece.. another a study of characters.. I've always written, i've 'poems' from when i was 4-5...

Sean Croce
How was your day? :)

Rebecca Orlosky-Pecorino
What number am I thinking of right now?
sticking w/ 3, dammit.

Susan Utley Goodman What's it like to be famous and having the advantages that most will never have in their life like traveling, walking with lions, knowing and hanging out w/famous ppl? And if u were not an actor where do u think ur path in life would have lead u?
as a kid I daydream beamed myself into faerie tales, used to circle islands in the NY times real estate section at 5 yrs old, always had wanderlust... so i guess... a lot of the things i've been lucky to experience, are there for anyone... if that's what you desire. You can walk w/ lions too! i'm just a girl, who had ideas and drive...
oh, and let's be real... i'm not famous, i know people who are though, it's a part of working as an actor, so it's not extraordinary in the sense you'd think.. you'd be surprised that so & so and I play cards, or board games... or watched point break in Kuai before attempting to surf... or (insert anything mundane & normal...)

Robin Alexander
hi cousin Robin! did you know typing in all caps is called the 'Kanye shout?' hope to see you guys soon too! I haven't seen Dawn in years!

Anika Hutchinson
Is being biracial in Hollywood or in life any different than being monoracial black?
i don't know, i do know when i walk in a casting i'm 'black', not mixed...etc.

btw, i think of us as one race, human.. with ethnic variances...

George Gund
Do you have any idea how good your smile makes me feel?
; )

Patrick Mackin
Of the TV & movies that you've done, which ones are your favorites and why? What about your least favorites and why?
i loved working on Half & Half because it was 5 years of my life... to create a character over years... is a luxury. i love diff projects for diff reasons... i met Neve on the craft.. and the director Andy Fleming had been at NYU when i was a freshman so i spent the whole movie dodging any pals of his who might blow my 'teen witch' cover... and Gregg Araki, and Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle & shooting in Africa.. oh.. i can't pick.

Shannon North
What was it like working along side with Telma Hopskins who played your mom phyllis on Half&Half?
I love Ms Telma!!!! she's a scorpio and sooo fun and wise and generous......

Anika Hutchinson Another suggestion- out of the characters of Half & Half, which one is more like Dee Dee and Mona in real life?
that's pretty self evident by the casting!

Beau Prometheus Clemmons
The Craft is one of my favorite movies. Did you enjoy acting in it and would you do another horror/occult movie like it in the future? Do you share any of the Wiccan religious views espoused in the Craft?
i had a blast doing that movie... we had a pagan consultant, it was great to learn that it's mostly an earth based respect nature attitude.... the craft was just a no, i don't share it's 'occult' views... but i respect pagans as those beliefs are ancient... and i do tarot cards.... but that's more like a 'shrink in a box' than a fortune teller, when you get into it...

Rosalyn Campfield
Hello. not sure of you checked the blog idea I put on your other page's wall post-- but what is a few things that you would take back and do differently? Also, what are common mis perceptions of you- and how are you really? :)
i have learned from the highs and lows.. so i wouldn't change things.... i trust in the universe that things have and will work out the way they should....
i don't know what misconceptions there might be... i only know me ; )
& how am i? groovy.

Rosalyn Campfield
another question: what are your favorite and least favorite attributes about yourself and why? :)
i like that i'm clever, if i do say so myself.... ; ) smarts & wit was prized in my family..
um, I'd like to be less anxious as a person... i've had sleep issues my whole life, I'm working on that!

Warren C. Jenkins
LoL @ Tory. Hell naw she aint gonna answer all these questions.
what's your damage, heather?

Erick Smith
are u still cool with the cast of half and half?
much like a real family we don't see each other all the time anymore, but we love catching up! amazing group of people. Alec Mapa & i torture each other on twitter....

Susan Utley Goodman
If she says she's going to answer, then she will.

Keon Tyrell Jenkins
hi rachel. what was it like working with marquita terry on the big i have a dream episode of half and half. she mistook your character for being gay and made a pass at you lol.
i don't remember that ep at, it happens... i rem the big 'something' episode w/ tamyra grey, whose character made a pass at mona, maybe you mean that one?

Derwin Augustus
any chance for a half and half reunion?or if they going to bring it back on tv?
i doubt it... it's in syndication though...

Theresa Simpson
I love your hair. What products do you use in it?
i did a blog called 'my not very helpful hair blog' some where on here.... I love Aubrey organics gpb conditioner.

Amy Blackthorn
Blessed Yule. How do you enjoy the Holidays? Family? Friends? Travel?  In our family have Yule with friends, and Christmas with Immediate Family and day after with extended family.
i don't come from a huge family, you're holidays sound lovely!!

Bill Morehouse
I remember you replacing Jane Johanson in a certain musical group and you borrowing a small amp for home practice from me. little blast from the past! here's someone you'll appreciate if you get my clue....look up Tal Wilkinfeld on myspace! She's touring with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. Man can she play! How's mom and dad and your bro Aaron doing?
A Fender precision starburst bass!!!!!!! Pops is gone, mums down south, sis has a gorgeous baby, Aarons fine... all is good! hope you are as well! and not freezing...

Rick Melvin
Since you played bass guitar, who would you like to jam with given the opportunity and what music inspires you?
i've very eclectic tastes... and haven't played in so long i couldn't jam! i wish i stuck w/ cello.. i love Bachs solo cello works, it's music for the soul.

Michelle Richardson hey rachel, are you into doing arts and crafts of any sort? i've tried painting, it's cool, but i love making jewelry. ooh, got another one...what's your favorite number and color? (ok, two lol)
i love making collages and i dig photography very very much... though i want a better bigger faster digital camera!

the other question depends on the day... or the mood.

Attica Georges
I love the photos of your apartment, they remind me of Mona's apartment. Is there anywhere online where I can see photo's of the set of Mona's apartment? I'm looking for design inspiration and I love its vibe.
i don't know re pics monas apt, google i guess.. i know they shopped at many indian and indonesian furniture spots... my dad collected antiques, so i like a mix of old, very old, and new.

Michael Celentano
What, if anything, do you feel has kept you from reaching your full potential careerwise, and lifewise?
forgetting the abundance of the universe and the human ability to create what we desire...

Bill McConnell
"If you call an orange an orange, why wouldn't you call a banana a yellow, or an apple a red?"
- Rev. Jim Ignatowski
 excellent point, made by TV... Taxi, McC, Taxi.

David Jerome
Half and Half is one of my favorite shows. While I did watdh it when it was on the air, I am even more into it in reruns. I enjoy seing all of the attractive black actresses! How did the actors get along off camera? Did you and Essence Atkins hang out?
thank you we got along great... again like any real family you have squabbles over silly things.. but we were all aware that being able to be on a telly show, not to mention black and on TV w/o having to shuck, nobody telling me to sass it up.... was a gift and joy to behold.
Kareem Braxton I want to did u get into acting?
find a class... see if you like it and have fun doing it, is my 1st step of advice... i took classes.. did free plays/ a theatre internship, performed at Williamstown Theatre festival all before moving to LA and focusing on movies...... it's not always the glamorous flossy life, so, you'd better really be consumed by the need to create a career, despite the lack of security inherent in the job. You must LOVE it, otherwise... it will grind you down. i love it. all of it. it's all i know. show folk are a breed, like circus folk. it's def not just about looking pretty. go model then.

ps- just received lovely email from an old European friend...alls i can say is-American boys, step your game up!