Wednesday, January 27

whine, a little. tennis too!

I love tennis, like... you love baseball, jai lai or football -which i know nothing about and once turned down amazing superbowl seats cause.... i didn't care and dude called me up like an hour before the game so clearly i was the back-up 'impress you w/ my tickets but can you be ready now' call.

anyway, I'm particularly fond of Wimbledon. Probably because it's the slam that happens during summer, so school wasn't an issue, I'd get up so excited, all alone, at 6 am to watch breakfast at Wimbledon, (even though i loathe strawberries, the cream part always intriguied my childhood mind) Grass play with a chewed up baseline will always be my favorite.

oh, shockingly, I digressed...
In watching the Australian open this week and 2 secs of ice skating, I realize how much athletes and actors have in common...both jobs require you quell insane nerves/anxiety and conquer the mountain in real time, in one shot, maybe 2 if you're lucky.... oh, darn, I digress again...

because the point of ALL this is...
Athletes have these fucking amazing bodies of the gods!!! I admire that sooooo much.
i'd been harshing on mine lately cause I put on 5, ok, fine, 7lbs....I'd been annoyed at my body, even thought I know you gotta love it to change it, and nobody but me made me eat all those of cookies.
And... I'm aware it's totally wrong to think the body of an under developed tween girl is normal for a grown woman, despite it being the norm in LA. I'm just aiming for fit and healthy here.

I need to start eating better and exercise, which i haven't, because i'm lazy.....
My chest is insane for a girl my height; I'm like jessica simpson/ rabbit size. ~ i've never considered plastic surgery, though I secretly dream of a boob reduction. ~  I'm a bloody D right now, small C/B when thinny thin. Moms an A.. A minus actually.  what gives?
oh right, Dads german jewish genes that grow my boobs out and ass/hips wider... not at all shelf like.

So, to jump start and trick myself, I exercise areas of of my body that'll tone up quick, so I don't get discouraged..(until i had a trainer briefly) I'd no idea my arms had muscles, much less ones that respond pretty quickly to light weights...
And legs, this pic was taken today, having not worked out in a millenium. I attribute them to I dunno, genetics? being forced to join the track team and suck at it in high school? walking around NYC?

Also, I must thank the universe for giving this short girl proportionally longer arms and legs. you know that body equation where your foot is the same size as your elbow to your wrist... try it it's true! I used to want tiny tiny feet, till I realized tiny tiny tiny arms and legs would go with.

So i is it possible my entire mid section has gone poof or puff? or invited a lot of friends to visit, is more apt.
The price of the arms and legs is, I have no real torso, like none... my true waist is super high, right under my chest and then there's a whole lotta hip action going on for a while... which again, I'ma have to give a shout out to my European ancestors, cause nada on the black side has this figure o' mine.
I'm capable of abs too... but i loathe doing 100 or more sit ups a day! i will though, as the core is vital to keep you standing upright and having it tight really does alleviate most back pain.

So, it's  back to the elliptical for cardio on a reg basis, squats bla blah blah..  sweet endorphins here i come, which can only be a good thing!