Tuesday, July 28

old pic's and new...t less scary than BW spiders?

ah youth and the poses we strike... struck... 'beautiful posers'... who said that rufus wainwright?
i am not this anymore...but there's something freeing about posing w/ abandon... why i like taking pic's of moments, be they people, objects or well.. insects..
a womans sexuality matures in a lovely way.. now it's fully clothes and a look is enough, but for posterity, nice to have... being an actress and all.
... the singer from hazy fantazy took them... (do you know 'shiny,shiny')....
why am i still awake??? sometimes the night is my salvation.. tonight, eh? just a distraction form past thing surfacing...that happened around time of this shoot... i am a therapists dream, but i ee the patterns & to recognize and acknowledge is half the battle...xo true

this is more me now... not the glam dressed up me... just me, no team of stylists or primpers.... thinking- 'oh must fix the hole where the rains gets in, wish my central air worked, wonder why are spiders over taking my yard, why did i receive an email w/ a pic of a very old beau, i loved, then a phone call from a different boy i haven't seen in almost as long, should i get my tire pressure checked, does it need a smog, are my sprinklers still leaking?
also, how beautiful my sunflowers are, how i love my garden.... how many amazing people i've encountered, known, loved,how fortunate i am to be a able to take care of of me, i think you get picture.
still kinda the glam life, and still me... after all these years, and that's w/ no make up...and a head full of riddles...
p.s. i call this pic- which way did they go?