Friday, April 17

green dude

lil dude
Now i love teeny tiny dude... he was like 1/8 to 1/4 inch long...hope he makes it! i love snapping bug photos- go figure...
dude on hose

my sisters new baby toy!

seriously, unless you know my sister, really don't watch this, i'm posting it public so her friends can see her delicious new baby... otherwise you'll be like, i have a 2 month old baby, i could of shot that- and yes you could have...
or you'll be like, why do i need to see rachel babbling on to a baby?, you don't. so save yourself.
unless you love listening to me catching a 2 month old up on this weeks gossip.

To my sis, remember when you played this song for me waaaaaay before your own family?! super neat you have a new toy baby!!!! xx Rachel