Tuesday, October 6

Where the wild things are movie review and dear diary update...

 my vey mini movie review-

 'Where The Wild Things Are' movie is very well done... delves beyond picture book images into the struggles of growing up, loneliness, admitting to, and taking responsibility for ones own actions...(y'know, stuff we big kids still struggle with...or this big kid still ponders...)
i loved the creatures realistic voices surprisingly sedate, thus letting you see the arch types clearly despite or because of muppets. i also appreciated its nebulous time setting, snow fort building is 'play', not video games and the few scenes that take place at 'home' effectively portray an alienated latch key kid struggling to fit in to his life.

Dear diary,

today i cut my nails w/ scissors, used clear lip gloss as lotion on an ashy spot at an audition, received a poetic streamy consciousnessy email from an old friend that made me smile and giggle out loud. traveled by tardis because sometimes i'd like to be there as opposed to here...need to see The Doctor. Oh, and I'm wishing dental visits had been higher on my folks list of priorities. just saying, oh so soft teeth o' mine.

PS- i have seen many many movies lately but have not made inane flip movies for you. You're welcome.