Saturday, April 4

3 day hangover

3 day hang over.. my fault for drinking crap
syrupy cheap wine... liquor is poison to my system... pretty sturdy constitution usually....

(OMG remind me to tell you about the time I was mocked for using the word constitution in that context - they were like, 'what? Well, I"VE never heard it used that way....)

it's a good thing to not drink often, ever been sober round your drunk friends? get's less amusing each time... and what it brings out in people, wish they had the chutzpah to talk w/o shame about same stuff sans drink...

ps i hate ads for Ensure. it's a totally valid product, just reminds me of years ago when i had mono and at 90 lbs the doc's where pushing it on me. i thought i looked fabulous btw, tho ALL my friends disagree... i tried to subsist on lemon italian ice but that was'nt very nutritious, and i do not recommend it. oh, yeah, and when my dad was sick, nothing but fucking cases of en-fucking-sure.