Monday, December 14

meme's & you you's

@Rachel True sty town to thompkins sq pk library, cobblestones beneath, icey blue above, endless possibilities ahead. saturday mems of yore. 

posted that on fb & twitter i think, nothing deep, just an old memory that expanded would have read something verbose like... "oh neat, I'm remembering walking from sty town alone, along cobblestones and snow to thomkins sq park library etc bla bla bla".. it was just a flickery flash memory... {flash mob meme of the mind?}

~those cobblestones made me happy as a little kid in NYC, paved over but tenaciously enduring, I could relate to them. (but then again, i thought round subway girder bolts were dinosaur eggs)... oh & that beautiful church at 2nd & 10, where Coopers buried & surrounding courtyards between buildings on E. 11th..&~ 

ANYWAY... some person i don't know, comments on FB.. 

them-you  can do better, and come back dowm to earth... etc

so i'm confused, because it's my memory and all so i comment something snarky like-wow, thanks you really understand me.

them-Without critics to keep us grounded, we are nothing but floating space bunnies.

i write- 'if you're looking for grounded this may not be the page for you.' i mean, that's the truth right, i like silly riddles and um, it's the net and all so why are you critiquing me?! it seems bad form. i don't go round to random strangers pages ripping their status. why? because i don't care.and if i care, i doubt i'm dumping on person. i'm cracking a joke or saying hi.

them-maybe so, but it might help you out to return back to earth every now and then. Just look at what happened to Tila Tequila. Shes out there lingering in the alpha centauri system and showing no signs of coming home. besides, u can do much better.

now I'm really confused.. do better what, smuck?... have better childhood memories? who are you anyway? oh wait... i don't care. so finally i end it all with... the very grown up wording-

-read you latest status re 'whores'.... my parents say we can't be friends anymore. buh bye.  

person tried to re friend me w/ message that i needed expletive expletive, & was too sensitive. no- i just didn't give a seriously, not my vibe. so why have that energy around me, yknow.

why write post on silly banal negativity, at all?

one more push to get others to dig you don't have to agree w/ others, think the same, (my, that'd be boring!) but...this above exchange.... is a prime example of how not to introduce yourself to a stranger in real life, or on web.

pretty standard move of 'put a person down in attempt to get attention'. that gets you blocked, you're not in grade school nor am I your mama.

when you follow & tweet only me whether nice or mean.. red flag. make some more friends, you'll like it, twitters like soooooooo much more fun that way. plus, i'm rather dull, you'll find.

when you comment on something you don't understand, before sharing thoughts that 'I must be' -xy i could give  shit- might i recommend Google. it's this really neato website, and comes in super handy. 

we don't all get along w/ in life or the web. being 'friends' & 'connected' etc is not an invitation to be rude... or to actually hang out.

i've commented etc people to no response ever... or maybe they have responded, but when they don't..... it's not personal towards me, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW THEM, are you seeing what i'm getting at? AT ALL, LIKE EVEN A LITTLE?

down w/ the negativity. 

Happy Holidays! True.

Friday, December 11

this i can say...

having delusional stranger fixate on you, email your blog w/ lewd content, & physically follow you- could happen to ANYONE, & it’s criminal.

my point-its an amazing beautiful life, you just have to keep your eyes open along the way. being a little kid in NYC trained me well.

shout out to the police officers and detectives who help keep us all safe.

Hey December...

these are the moments of Scorpio Phoenix silence...
hope you all are well, safe and sound. xx True