Friday, December 11

this i can say...

having delusional stranger fixate on you, email your blog w/ lewd content, & physically follow you- could happen to ANYONE, & it’s criminal.

my point-its an amazing beautiful life, you just have to keep your eyes open along the way. being a little kid in NYC trained me well.

shout out to the police officers and detectives who help keep us all safe.


  1. I'm sorry that certain nutballs seem to gravitate toward you. I am glad you are safe and the person in question was taken into custody by authorities.

  2. Scary very scary...More than likely, the person was sick...and doesn't see themselves.Wow..follow you? Like around where you live? Thats insane.Thats past balance.Its on the corner of Crazy St and I need help Ave.
    There's liking a person which is okay, and even being a fan which is also is okay. But lewd comments are not, and neither is stalking.If your going to be fixated, keep it to yourself.At least, thats what I've learned. That way your least likely to scare your obsession, get deleted from their friend's list,be avoided by them at all cost, be accused of stalking,be disowned by friends and family,and then locked up and renowned as a "criminal."
    I feel sorry for you a bit.Being a public figure gives you a lot of attention and doesn't give anyone the right to do that.Then again, normal everyday people get stalked.So.....But thanks for the mini blog, it helped me realize what I never want to become regardless of who ever next get obsessed with, hopefully I dont again..But oh well,,,

  3. Wow. It can be freeing to escape your life and make up a new one, unfortunately it is sometimes to the detriment of someone else. Glad you're safe.

    It is sort of weird though, isn't it? I mean, I don't know you and don't know me. Yet I'm commenting on your quips and musings. It's a bit odd.

    p.s. I am not insane.

  4. I'm glad that you came out well in this situation.

  5. Well this sucks. Too bad you can't have that real lion around 24 /7 ... that would keep the dangerous peeps at a distance :).
    Be safe an well and happy new year.