Thursday, May 7

so, not to be macabre or anything..

i've always been fascinated by the song 'don't fear the reaper', yes, sure it's the cowbell... but it's just so perfectly grandiose and of the time... totally into the decade old at leas, Gus Gus cover version...

they used this version as my friends theme song in movie and i was jelly till i realized i've had rad theme songs in a movies, but they put it in, in post, so it's not like you know it's your theme till your watching the movie w/ everyone else... i mean you're not playing the scene with the music on while filming... but yeah, i digress...

point is it's on my player.. and it's gorgeously morose...i'm a sucker for rock and strings. it's very well done, and unless you can take a classic and make it yours why bother. that's why i hate american idol. except for clarkeson. and i hate the soprano sax .yes really. and yes, kenny g must pay.

tonights mumbo jumbo spanish style
as lunas inquieto, esta noche me dan la paz. esta noche duermo un ojo abierto un cerrar de ojos, apartarse de la atracción luminosa.

translation- moons restless, night give me peace. tonight i sleep with one eye open, one eye shut, turning away from the luminous pull.

to live and die in LA

shop window across the street from theatre i was at last night. these chicks shoulda come to gig and chilled- guitar and cello music will soothe the soul.
there's something about this pic that's soooo 80's eh?

This town is our town, It is so glamorous, Bet you'd live here if you could And be one of us- the Go Go's

the dead father

dead father
somethings, some expressions, you can't take back, or change...

i was on telly with my dad, who (big surprise) had a verbosely intellectual patois mixed w/ ragey anger that eventually took him out.

i was feeling judged at this moment, why i snapped it. despite his genius IQ and fair to questionable advice/lecture, and love the man could drive you nuts.

he's gone now, and sometimes i still think, oh let me call dad so i can... then i remember, no phone required... just thought waves to the universe now...

this will so not become my death blog, btw... but these are the things that have been going on... and y'know how it and my family knew he had @ 5 months left or so-ish at this point.... so, it's frustration at his dominating patriarchol old school dialogue, but sadness that those parry/spar days were numbered....

mumbo jumbo tweets of la luna

me va a golpear en la cabeza, que se encuentra el sueño de mí, para que pueda saludar mañana con la confianza de un ave fénix

-going to hit myself in head, let sleep find me, so i may greet tomorrow with the confidence of a phoenix- (much prettier in espanol!)

la luna está casi lleno, deseo de dormir, como todas las buenas niñas .. se aullido a la luna y las estrellas de la copa de esta noche

-the moon is almost full, i wish for sleep, like all the good girls do..i will howl at the moon and drink from the stars tonight

la luna se está haciendo a mí pensar. la luna está llorando un poco.

-moon is getting to me tonight, think the moon is crying a little