Thursday, May 7

so, not to be macabre or anything..

i've always been fascinated by the song 'don't fear the reaper', yes, sure it's the cowbell... but it's just so perfectly grandiose and of the time... totally into the decade old at leas, Gus Gus cover version...

they used this version as my friends theme song in movie and i was jelly till i realized i've had rad theme songs in a movies, but they put it in, in post, so it's not like you know it's your theme till your watching the movie w/ everyone else... i mean you're not playing the scene with the music on while filming... but yeah, i digress...

point is it's on my player.. and it's gorgeously morose...i'm a sucker for rock and strings. it's very well done, and unless you can take a classic and make it yours why bother. that's why i hate american idol. except for clarkeson. and i hate the soprano sax .yes really. and yes, kenny g must pay.

tonights mumbo jumbo spanish style
as lunas inquieto, esta noche me dan la paz. esta noche duermo un ojo abierto un cerrar de ojos, apartarse de la atracción luminosa.

translation- moons restless, night give me peace. tonight i sleep with one eye open, one eye shut, turning away from the luminous pull.

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  1. good taste. hear where you're coming from. I love strings.