Thursday, June 4


horus eye

i've realized my last few dates have talked ad nauseum re their old girlfriends.... at first i thought i was a lesson for me to deal w/ jealousy.. at 1st, by that i mean 15 mins ish, it probably was/is. i mean jealousy is base. unneeded ancient wiring, if you have trust you're golden....i believe it's true, because i've experienced it, that if a guys into you, he'll move galaxies to please you... to be near you.

Now i realize these new talky dudes are just kinda lame and lacking in social graces... think they are trying to impress me w/ who they dated etc...the dialogue wasn't about their own patterns.. it was 'so and so did this f'd up thing to me', or 'so and so likes that too'... kinda a convo ender.

it's never been my MO to talk of specific people, rather maybe patterns i've had in relationships if it came appropriate times.
almost each of my ex's held their own, and presently aren't in the room so why talk about them...

in summation- dudes... i could give 2 flying fucks that you & old GF liked to get pinkberry before watching a video... seriously, go away and grab a pinkberry w/ whats er name.
signed, bored w/ average guys.