Wednesday, February 2

hey 2011!

i've been thinking lately how pleased i am there wasn't the full force online social networking there is now when i was coming up...
don't get me wrong, i appreciate a lot of aspects of social sites, but, imho it seems a lot of great people are spending more time creating and living out 'fulfilling' relationships online than interacting with the tangible.

Maybe i'm sensitive because i now possess a court restraining order good till 2020 against a complete stranger who fixated me, aided by the immediacy of the internet...
 Indeed, what happens when someone starts thinking all your status updates are secret special messages for only them? Nothing fucking good, that's what.

it worries me when i see folks calling strangers their 'twi-families'. Or my friends following their ex's every move... to what end?
I'm glad i realized a long time ago, if my ex's want me to know what's up, they'll tell me; finding out through subterfuge usually always hurts, n'est pas?

So, I find myself more drawn to sites specific to my interests these days, a lot of your blogs, news sites, clever funny sites etc.. and the brevity of twitter i suppose.
And here... my little blog of inconsequence.
oh, and fashion sites! i devour them, and quite often it really does satiate the desire to shop... sometimes looking is enough for me, how about you? True