Wednesday, February 2

hey 2011!

i've been thinking lately how pleased i am there wasn't the full force online social networking there is now when i was coming up...
don't get me wrong, i appreciate a lot of aspects of social sites, but, imho it seems a lot of great people are spending more time creating and living out 'fulfilling' relationships online than interacting with the tangible.

Maybe i'm sensitive because i now possess a court restraining order good till 2020 against a complete stranger who fixated me, aided by the immediacy of the internet...
 Indeed, what happens when someone starts thinking all your status updates are secret special messages for only them? Nothing fucking good, that's what.

it worries me when i see folks calling strangers their 'twi-families'. Or my friends following their ex's every move... to what end?
I'm glad i realized a long time ago, if my ex's want me to know what's up, they'll tell me; finding out through subterfuge usually always hurts, n'est pas?

So, I find myself more drawn to sites specific to my interests these days, a lot of your blogs, news sites, clever funny sites etc.. and the brevity of twitter i suppose.
And here... my little blog of inconsequence.
oh, and fashion sites! i devour them, and quite often it really does satiate the desire to shop... sometimes looking is enough for me, how about you? True


  1. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

  2. I agree totally. Things were a million times simpler like 10 years ago! I'm sooo glad some of my ex-gfs and I broke up before the days of facebook. Thankfully, it would be too weird to be friends now.

    Yeah, and about those over-zealous online-only friends... I've had a couple of folks get weird on me, and I'm not even famous!! Dude, walking up to me in a club and quoting my most recent status updates is odd and a bit creepy! Seriously! We've never really met! But, I digress. I'm glad your situation didn't deter you from the online world.

    Honestly, being FB and email constantly are like the minimum requirements of life these days. When I'm not online, I miss parties, work events, bdays, 90% of what's going on in pop culture... it's like...unplug and disappear.

  3. I agree, even though it's awesome to dig up people from the roots of any tree in your past. We are reminded that some people are in the past for a reason. Society is hell bent on staying connected 24 hours a day. Facebook Posts like "I'm Sleeping and will wake up soon…" Lol. I prefer reading blogs, it's less intrusive and very interesting. So many blogs, so little time.

  4. 15 years ago it was 6 degrees of separation. Today it is slightly over 4, thanks to our friend the internet. Social media didn't create crazies. It just makes it easier for crazies to find you. Normal people are plagued by crazies too. That ex-coworker you avoided now wants to be your friend. I am learning to respect the level of privacy public figures request. I follow an actress that has told us that one day she will shut down her blog. She wants to be Mom to her 2 children, not an idol to millions. I accept that. I don't want to go back to pre-computer days. In fact, I can't. I think I can learn to manage this electronic beast better. I don't know how you eliminate crazies. I guess that is where the old technologies come in: prayer, etc.

    In Peace, Love, and Light,

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  6. Life of a online searcher with Starbucks doing home deliveries.Next will be getting an order for a seger,more material to create more art to show online.Keep up creating with with your ideals and don't forget bout your pics from Twitter.

  7. That's why I try to avoid celebrity. Especially in today's economy!

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. There was a time when I used to check facebook and myspace and all the other rubbish without even realizing that it became an addiction. So one day I decided I had enough of the crap and never logged on again. Since that point came, I pondered a lot on the topic of what life would be without social media and I find that people have grown lazy when it comes to relationships. Instead of calling or seeing someone in person, they quickly would prefer to leave a message on facebook or shoot you a shoutout on twitter. Then I wondered what has life come to? Since that point I am more patient with people and seek them out when I am ready through the old fashioned channels.

  9. Hi Rachel, just wanted you to know I love U & that it's a shame not to see you more often on my TV.