Sunday, May 3

inane tweets o' the day

in abeyance ... for oh so many things...

Abeyance is a white room with black curtains near the station.... replete w/ guitar solo

btw, yes absolutely, i do look exactly like my profile pic... all the time.... upon waking, taking out garbage, & def while in abeyance..

sofa just demanded we "get up off it, or start paying rent" me-"beeyotch i own you and your fancy pillows too." sofa-zed me-1

am not responsible for your out of control egos people. only my own.

i have a blog, why? i dunno, to let voices out in more than 140 characters?

living in nyc as a kid had its merits....


ever since seeing in the museum as child, this work of art has fascinated me to no end....
and the Brooklyn botanical gardens the Cloisters, chinese new year dragons, dradel songs,korean painting class, operettas at the performing arts kids schools, lions at the library, cello lessons, styvesant town, multiculturalism, mixed kids, hidden nyc triangle shaped coutyards bursting w/flowers, cobblestone streets, bookie flower man on the corner, yoyos in springtime, egg eclair soda w/ no egg off tompkins sq park.... playground swings so you could touch the sky.