Thursday, August 20

secret this & health care.

shadow 2

I'm aware i know a very little teeny tiny bit about a lot...still love learning and listening, I'd give that the big ups to staying young at heart btw...
along those lines I wish people who'd watched 'The Secret', via endorsement from Oprah- would've done follow up reading and realized Secret was a truncated version of concepts culled from great writings, cleverly repackaged for Americans @ '97.

At some point you have to go deeper than saying to your buddies or self when the shit hits the fan, 'well, you must have attracted the negative to you'. that's only a part of the whole, and comes off patronizing. It's about 'what shall i do now', which path next to attain my dreams, not 'this is all fault' that's um, negative thinking right? not to mention, what happened to compassion for self or others in this equation?

Babies and virgins being raped to "cure" adults of hiv, ink stained fingers cut off for voting, arms hobbled for the western diamond market, kids in sex slave trade market,ARE NOT souls guilty of attracting that particular negative fate. geography seems to play a bigger part frankly.

so hopefully we all go deeper than - little bobby wants a bike, cuts out pictures of said bike, sulks long enough, finally gets bike from grandpa because he thought 'it '. we do give life with our thoughts, positive or negative... but in my world- lil bobby could of mowed some lawns and helped himself out, get some dosh, and gotten the bike a whole lot sooner, by helping himself. not just asking... but asking with intention and doing what you can to help the butterfly wing ripple up change.

so this made me ponder that:
I'm as confused as american re the health care mess/debates.. it's just weird to see poor people fighting it so hard. To 'hate' the President of only 8 months, who by all appearances is trying his hardest to work out the huge pile of crap, dumped in his lap by 8 yrs of bush, seemed misplaced anger. BTW hells yeah, i wrote of everything Bush allowed, now i can't...That's all right, it's now fairer to the average bear, in fact. wouldn't it be nice if it was less about I, more about WE, and we as a people coping with growing pains of adolescent America?... or, um, like shouldn't it be?

why all the twitter hate for Pres Obama? why are people who need health care in usa the most!? busy making posters of our Pres w/ a hitler moustache.... seems a waste of energy to me.

why is that so scary all these years after Hillarys attempt? is it the semantics of phrase socialized?
Even stupid people who pay their cable bill, buy a ps3 & video games first before taking themself to the doctor when sick because it cost too much, will benefit. and nobodies ganna kill your grandma or unborn babies under ANY plan. why the surge campaign of screwing self and others out for losing needed medical care?