Saturday, August 21


oh, i've been busy this summer! how bout you? i'd share but some things are best savored in silence...

1. a make up lady said the points of my lips are dated. he he he. i love my pointy filler 7 toxin free lips & tiny elf ears.

2. a friend asked why i put my cups in face down in the cupboard.... i gave i imagine a standard nyc lower east side kids answer.
cause that way the ROACHES might not get inside them. those bold, giant, egg sack carrying room mates were everywhere in that  cramped E.10th st apt. impervious to raid, and fond of running cross my face in the non solitude of night. thank god roaches in NYC seem less of a problem then when i was 5. now its bed bugs claiming the island.
  ps. why do we call 'killer bees' 'Africanized bees' and roaches just 'roaches', instead of german roaches? just saying...

3.i made this dress, not the jacket... then realized i'm am not particularly a
 fan of silk. even Nanette Lapore silk from mood fabrics. at leat it kinda looks like a piece of clothing. yeah!

4. be nice to the people you love, no matter how much they piss you off.
XO ~ True


  1. You be good as well. Is that your 1st attempt on making a dress?

    True so true about the face down cups in the cupboard lol...

  2. damn, still fine as hell. Get back on TV! ;-)

  3. #4 should be a Golden Rule.

    PS, love the Amos Lee song. It's the one from your Thanksgiving video. My kids, and I love that clip. The warm red and orange colors of Autumn in that video just makes me longer for my favorite season.


  4. #2 that's why we put our cups upside down too. Raid is a joke in trying to kill them

  5. Silk is too hot...especially in NYC humid and hotter than dragon's breath weather...but if it's Nanette Lepore I'll take the tradeoff!

  6. you should always put the glasses opening down. Prevents dust and other thing beside bugs from getting in.

    Nice blog site by the way. I need to learn how to get that player on my blog site.

    always loved me some Rachel True, even when I didn't know your name. ;-P (saw Half Baked last nite)

    I guess it was True love. (like you've never hear that one before)



  7. @ p.s...Funny a white guy said to me one day "These African killer bees are out of control down here!" I said to him...well maybe a good 200 years of slavery will make them start actin right for you.

  8. Upside down - I remember when.

    @RDS good answer!

  9. Oh I have missed you so much on TV.

  10. you're wonderfully versatile, funny and so talented! you're the best! never change.

  11. So... I have my latest blog dedicated to you! I think it's hilarious if you wanna check it out

    P.S. your hair is gorgeous and I really need to know what you do to take care of it!