Wednesday, January 20

Every little teeny tiny or a lot a lot helps.

Every little bit helps when it comes to thinking of others...
whether you give 5 bucks, 500, 5000, blankets & socks, prayers,... it's the spirit that it's given in that matters most.
Also let us not forget that right here on the home front there's fellow human need.
 I know most Americans are strapped right now, so it doesn't need to be cash when you give... maybe you have a violin you never play a kid in band could use, an old computer to donate, a beater car the kids in shop would love to tear apart or time to give to your favorite organization... any and all would be appreciated I'm sure. xx Rachel.


  1. So TRUE Rachel!
    Yes!....It feels so good to give,you just get this feelin of a self glow,when you do for others....I feel sorry for people,who can't or don't want to feel this feelin that givin people have....GIVING IS POWER!

  2. Someone asked me once, "when do you feel the happiest?" I thought about it for a bit and realized that I feel the most joy, when I'm giving. there's so much we can do for others if we just look beyond ourselves and into their needs. Clothes, canned goods, a little cash, whatever it may be, it's so important that we pay attention to humanity and what we must give to each other.

    Much love to you, Rachel.

  3. I gave what I could. I wish it were more, though.