Friday, October 29

To live & dye in L.A. ~ exhibit A

before the late night dye go round these were..
  1. nanette lepore skirt, was white w/  diff colour stripes...never wore because who needs a big white cloth ass right? will prob dye again for a deeper grey.
  2. old raw silk scarf, was dingy orange.
  3. skirt, was white w/ embroidered pink flowers.
  4. nanette lepore jacket, was a dated odd light green & white w/navy stripes... (stitching didn't dye, I'll work that out & replace buttons) found this at a resale store for $35, saw potential~ might re-dye for deeper colour.
  5. tulle velvet top, was a great shade of ecru, until time made it look just dirty ecru.
  6. silk dress was  light pink with white flowers.
  7. top, was a grungy white from age.. (and litle dee dees from Half & half)
to live & dye in L.A. ~exhibit A

I do so love clothes, but occasionally get really bored w/stuff, colors fade to dreary,or most likely, i've stained them, as i am a clumsy gal who forgets to dry clean in a timely fashion.

SO... rather than get rid of the offending garments a cheap easy wardrobe remake is to dye them! AT YOUR OWN RISK, might I add... I've absolutely dyed things to a muddy murky mess, at that point I usually just dye them black & hope for the best.

if you follow easy to find guides online on how to combine to achieve desired color it really helps. for these pieces i used reg ole rit dye found at local drug store. there are professional dyes w/ more staying power available online, but i wasn't feeling waiting.

I used a few diff dye combos like brown & wine for the darker maroon. another thing to consider is diff material takes dye diff ways...
sometimes it can really weaken a fabric, causing it to tear if you're not careful handling the wet item.(bye bye, never wore you anyways, Moschino dress)I rinsed stuff in machine, but will also pray it doesn't rain while I'm wearing.

oh and totally wear gloves cause my hands look like i been a working in a coal mine.
good luck, lemme know if you try it! xx True


  1. Very clever and green. By the time the dye wears off you'll be ready for a different color anyway. Now, my grandmother used to take old clothes and make quilts out of them. But I digress.

    In Light,

  2. I love the red squared shirt!

  3. good fahion eye susan, sq top is most expensive high end designer garment in pic!

  4. Rosalyn HurstOctober 30, 2010

    I really love the blazer ad burgundy shirt to the right of it in the picture/ Would pair the blazer with with black slacks or dark washed jeans and the top with dark bellbottom jeans and a black fitted blazer. :) Great job, Rachel! :) Inspires me to keep creating!

  5. Hi Rachel! I love your work. I have a question and hope you can answer it: I am really wanting a form fitting purple velvet dress for Christmas...can not find one online in my price range. Do you think it's possible to have one made by then?

  6. I love your blog! I just came across it. after watching Half & Half I was wondering what you've been doing since...Half baked & The Craft were two of my fave movies. I have been tye dying a lot of different items..dying clothes is fun & a great way to change up one's wardrobe inexpensively..keep creating & inspiring. You rock!