Tuesday, May 5

Rachel against the machine


from twitter @mattcherry read this urban legend about the website www.niggabook.com that me & @RachelTrue shut down today http://bit.ly/zOTny *word*

heres the deal, a link niggabook.com had it's url pointing to fb.... why would you type that? you wouldn't till someone tells you it exists.some teets on twitter were like- don't give it attwntion, don't attract it, haven't u seen the secret'.... totally valid.... i wrote back, my methods are for me, and i celebrate the freedom we have to approach things diffrently, and i'd never assume others would should subscribe to them.

that said, 2 phone calls, between me and @mattcherry on twitter... and url was unlinked from Facebook by godaddy... problem solved. by picking up the phone.... not terribly revolutionary, just a tiny effort and ability to deal w/ bad hold music required...
i know i have a big mouth, i'm glad i back it up....


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2009

    Hey Rachel, no it's not having a big mouth but standing up for something that needs to be addressed. Good Job!!! What we send out into the Universe come back in Abundance.

    George Smith Jr.

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2009

    Your actions deserve a standing ovation. Way to go!!!

    FWIW, what you did by opening your mouth though is in sharp contrast to the pics of you (and the other participants) in the "No H8" campaign, where you've got your mouth taped shut. Nothing good comes from a taped mouth even though it is being ironic while trying to make a point IMHO.
    Pat Mackin, Cleveland OH

  3. Bless up, the power of voice indeed!