Monday, May 4

brideshead revisted style

when i was a kid i thought i'd get a baby and/or teddybear and name it Aloysius... now i feel light and indifferent...
i think it's important to enjoy the life one has, and not take to much time mourning the life you wanted, dreamed, even had for a moment...
sometimes i really do sit back and thank the universe for my life as is.
i ♥ the Ram Dass book
Be Here Now..

Don't think about all those things you fear...
just be glad to be here..... xx


  1. You're absolutely right and exact.I needed that one. Thank you.

  2. So true! I don't want to even think about all the time I've wasted wishing things were some other way. All those unguarded moments turn into hours and those hours turn into days and weeks over the span of a lifetime. And you can never get that time back. Right now, I'm happy to be alive and really glad to be.