Friday, May 1

before i tamed lions, and old friends..

check out my friend Dom's book site link He's an incredibly talented writer!

 I merit a very minor footnote in his biography section-

'I embraced Deleuzian thought who no one at university in those days strangely dared to consider. I understood what it was to be a minority of one. Avenue A and 7th Street, that’s where, tucked up with India.'

we were a verbose movie making pair-♥ to my silly Eaton boy and his stuffy english ways...

East village NYC
rachel True

- i think we are able to remain true genuine friends... because.... even though we both did the things all people do to each other we'd take healed... talking to D is like no time has passed... and eons of life times have passed....
for that moment in time, we had each others back...and we still do.
can't say that about all ex friends or lovers... people can be takers, seeking, sucking what they can, leaving your liquified insides all messed up, no draino insight... but even those are worth the beautiful pain and lessons.
now, i prefer pals razor sharp of wit and humor, who respect each other enough not to eviscerate each other w/ works thoughts or actions.... Frenemies make me want to seal away in a hermetically sealed box of my own design...
i saw D. in Holland fairly recently and he was as smooth and as Dom as always...such a cad about town- he works a bit for Mick Jagger and got me the most awesome amazing bloody seats and meet and greet passes for me and friends, when the Rolling Stones were in LA...
we ran late, missed opening smooze do...

then Dom and i ichat and he says, Oh Mick asked about you....
could kill my late leaving the house self sometimes...who doesn't want to think they flitted across the mind of micK Jagger?!
it's amazing and a gift to have a lovely old friend who knows and see's you for what you are, good bad and sideways..
ode to a past life in l had in East village of NYC. was that me?
ps people who feel/see the power & strength of others are often enchanted or threatened... why no middle ground? asks the scorpio : )


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2009

    :dreaming of the east village:

    and his site is dope.

  2. * No middle ground because those who don't see the power and strength within themselves want to take it from others. And those who see the beauty within themselves have no need to possess or diminish the strength and peace of another...

    So says the taurus.