Friday, May 1

oprah +hugh jackman +nate +gail ⇒on coming out and gay marriage=brilliant pauses.

i think that was my fb status, which kicked off a minor discusion of my sexual oreintation- a girl asked if i was 'family', another jumped in and said,no, but family friendly... i wasn't sure what any of that meant so i summed it up as, if by family you mean gay, then no... but I believe in equality for all of (insert any deity here) creatures, and other states legalizing gay marriage while CA remains stodgy and trapped in church dogma over issue... is mind boggling.

It's not lost on me that Mona has a pretty decent following amoung young black lesbians, was it the shoes?, the hair? my friends ask- i like to think her ability to show her flaws and carry on, makes her universal to all women really.... but shout out to all the great girls i've met who've expressed love for mona.
recently i was at the gladd awards, and a group to gay high school students approached me for pictures, etc.. i can honestly say i've never heard the words 'lemme take you to prom, i'll take care of you' said so laciviously by a 16 year old girl(s) before. i admired their confidence, and joy for the world they're about to inherit. rachel


  1. If you polled us californicanos whether a gay person we knew was allowed to get married, >50% of us would say yea. And if you polled us whether a neo-Nazi macho B-movie action hero should govern us, we'd say nay.

    However, we here are incredibly susceptible to advertising. Hollywood knows where we live!

    My daughter campaigned vociferously against Proposition H8 and lost. I had to explain why she actually won. It's no secret that fascists use emotional topics of human origin (marriage, school prayer, evolution) as wedge topics. But millions of new & under-educated voters went _against_ their own interests when they voted yes on 8, and they helped elect a firmly no-on-8 president.

    The old formulas don't work anymore, and we will no longer see hundreds of millions of slush-fund dollars poured into the yes-on-H8 campaigns anymore.

    We might even get a little bit poured into education...

  2. :> enjoying ur sharing! big fan from Craft - to Half and Half! Looking forward ot your next indy film from ur new camera maybe ;>


  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2009

    re: following among young black lesbians.

    How about that Mona counted a flamboyantly gay character among her close friends, plus she was simply very attract, to both men and women.

  4. John TrueMay 25, 2009

    :) we all deserve to be happy! I want to live in a world that is just and fair! I want to be in a world where gay people can JUST BE THEMSELVES for the love of pete! is that so hard to give them? Don't we all want that? We all deserve that. We are all equal via the birth angel and the death angel are we not? Why do we have to divide and conquer in the middle of those two? What do you gain?
    Oy, I keep forgetting to sign in under my blog name Emerge2oo! sowi, but your blog is really cool. I'll stop here for tonight though :p

  5. John TrueMay 25, 2009

    P.S. feel free to read my blog and comment if you wish. I trust you, you seem very cool and open minded and a real listener and observer! All kinds of stuff on there: dreams, drama, poems, random funnnies, and stuff! I just posted a pic of this cool girl from work that I took to lunch! It was almost a date! Oy, I need to ask (deity name) for more healing so I can just have fun and date again.