Sunday, May 24

truth in advertising

people have seen these pics for awhile.... but i wanted to show it wasn't always zen fearlessness.... i mean they're friggin wild friggin lions for christ sake.... but i like that because i'm an actor i know how to occasionally put aside fear and just perform, as witnessed from pic 1 to pic 2.... some call it disassociating, i call it my career.... my fantastic guide Henri had same lil powershot point n shot as me, and took great pics, i thank him kindly. ps green thing in my pocket was passport so if anything happened they could at least identify me body.... and had i known he'd be adept w/ camera i would of like, done my hair and maybe slapped some gloss on...

um, i'm totally freaked...
rachel true

Smile for the camera, you know i love ya better...
rachel True


  1. were you actually touching them? I think i've just noticed that piece of it. such amazing pics.

  2. Hehe, I love these lion pics... just amazing that you were able to get so close to them. I like how you conquered the fear and went through it! What amazing memories you have of it now!

  3. You're a trip! LOLz! I knew you were frontin' the whole time! ;)

    Seriously, looking at those photos all this time, I thought those lions were "domesticated or tamed" and living in some habitat with zookeeper types so tourists can do the photo thing. But it's still wild animals in Africa. I can't believe your guide said it was okay to just willy nilly walk up to some lions and "chillax" while taking a picture.

    Is this a case of it being where you were in Africa and there not being any agencies to police that sort of thing? In America you can't pet lions in the zoo while the zoo-keepers snap photos. mm.

  4. Those are awesome photos! Kinda crazy but cool. ;)

  5. this is why when the top model girls freak out cause of a snake, i kinda laugh...

  6. So lions.. they werent domesticated? OMG.Are you freakin serious? Wow..You get bonus cool points for that one.And as for dissasoiciation, I now understand how you played a bisexual in New Best Friend (2002) so well.
    (You dont have to post this, I am seeing "Victoria said..." on the side of this site too many times.)