Wednesday, May 27

swine flu '09 tour 2 versions

holiday in mexico!
w/ great group of camera shy people,(film critics, writers, pr peeps etc..) so despite how it looks, laura siverman and i did not vacation alone... we're just 2 actors willing to make fools of ourselves on camera...

Longer version, even kathy griffin in her fab bikini body...
also the fabulously talented and funny writer Margy wants it mde clear she was working while on holiday, had a super good time, which it might not look like as i stuck a camera in her face at all the wrong times....thanks fab mexico travel buddies!


  1. Mexico needs to use these reels to lure people back in their country..beautiful pics, everyone is smiling and folks turn green. What more could you want out of a vacation spot?

  2. did Kathy really turn that green or was that a camera trick?

  3. kathy really turned green, i believe in truth in adverstising.

  4. Ha, that was great! Oh, and the music was PERFECT. Love the song.