Thursday, May 28

shatter ( song songs player as well, btw)

beach,rachel True

rachel true
Shatter lyrics by Liz Phair from Exile in Guyville
I know that I don't always realize
How sleazy it is messing with these guys
But something about just being with you
Slapped me right in the face, nearly broke me in two
It's a mark I've taken heart
And I know I will carry it with me for a long, long time
I don't know if I could drive a car
Fast enough to get to where you are
Or wild enough not to miss the boat completely
Honey, I'm thinking maybe
You know, just maybe
I don't know if I could fly a plane
Well enough to tail spin out your name
Or high enough to lose control completely
Honey, I'm thinking maybe
You know, just maybe

a tweet from yesterday...
i admit cloaked in safety of night... i think of thee, and lessons learned.
funny thing is, it's not about the one who assumes/just knows it's about him... or the one who wants, or one who doesn't want it to be about them... it's the unassuming kayzer souze in younger days who slipped by, that's who's scent i catch occasionally...
one more cup of coffee for the road w/ dylan and off i go....

love twitter- it's prob good you must be brief.... x True


  1. Betti JaneMay 29, 2009

    Very interesting, seems to me courage is all that's needed. If I, myself, wanted it, there's no way on this earth, I would let it pass me by. Maybe you better do something before it's too late. Take it from me sweety, nothing's worse then unnecessary heart break. Lonely nights filled with thoughts of what could have been is the worst. Especially when that person ends up with somebody else. Oh that one hurts, this, I know.
    Good luck,
    Betti Jane

  2. Betti JaneMay 29, 2009

    BTW, I'm talking about the song lyrics that you posted.