Thursday, September 10

more German....

Survival phrases 5

1. Du bist süß. = You’re cute.
2. Du bist hübsch. = You’re pretty.
3. Du bist schön. = You’re beautiful.
4. Du bist heiß. = You’re hot.
5. Du bist sexy. = You’re sexy.
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  1. Now that I know this....I can't wait to meet a hott German dude!!!!I heard they love black women!

  2. Well, this will certainly come in handy when I flirt with some hot German lady; then again, seeing as how I tell American women the same thing in English, why should I think that my luck should be any diffrent?

  3. Rachel you are all 10 of the above sentiments.

  4. LOL I see u been looking in the MIRROR again!

  5. Apprend le français c’est plus facile que l’allemand lol
    vraiment sympa ton blog