Thursday, September 10

a sideways glimpse

I made a 'dry' comment about having a job that allows me to disassociate and take risks... i'm reiterating the dry part because of a comment under that blog,(truth in advertising).... along the lines of 'oh that must be how you played a lesbian  in a movie or 2.. '

i don't actually disassociate. that would be mentally unhealthy. to live to breathe, to function as a full human, to act, you must be grounded in your body, it's the instrument in my particular job. that was a blog about actually remaining present in your body, and conquering fears when the stakes are high, like when you're testing for a movie w/ so and so, or standing next to a not tame lion.... thus the before and after shot. one is pure fear.... the next is someone settled in and confidant. well, confidanter. if i do say so myself.
i also did not 'disassociate' to play a bisexual or lesbian chicks in a few movies.. i like men personally, but sexuality is sexuality, full stop, so it was simply about taping into..... sexuality. (and the director made us practice kissing cause we were giggling too much). we shot it when we were grounded enough to play the scene.
Btw, that's why i love acting.... the chance to get in the mind of people different that me.
i love that people read and or comment, and i really appreciate that people relate to characters i've played.... but this isn't a blog about what you think I think, it's a place to relate your stuff, .....and if tweeting German or blogging curse words upsets you, maybe me blogs not for ye.
it is for me.... that much is True.


  1. We happen to like you're blog.Some of us mold around whatever we occassionally get offended by.Besides if one admires someone for any reason at all, do they not accept them as they are? That's what we (really I) try to do. Besides no one gets rid of me that easily!! haha And as for "relating our stuff," how were we (I) supposed to know that you really wanna know what goes on in our heads and lives in relation to your blogs? I guess we dont realize how humble you must be, and how you must get tired of hearing how cool, sweet, or talented you are.

    And on another note, her name was Jullianne, I just rented that movie last night.Practice made perfect by the way.You looked pro kissing Dominique.I guess my thinking was wrong about actor parts and their sexuality.But can you blame a girl for wonderin? Like Queen Latifa and the movie "Set It Off" when she played a lesbian part well, and then there were people saying she played it a little too well.Next thing we know, she later marries a woman. Nothin against her though, I love her confidant feminista roles and persona!

  2. We love you...We love you not...We love you..We love you not...WE LOVE YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! lol

    (hope that made you smile!)

  3. Peaches (from the Bronx)September 10, 2009

    Queen Latifa is a Lesbian & so is Rachel True! Real strickly-dickly staight women actors don't play thoses parts.

  4. peaches, you're insight and spelling underwhelm me.

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  6. LMAO.... Rachel True you are funny as hell. you be killin me!
    BTW, Men don't care if a women is straigh, bi, or lesbian. All we care about is if she's fine & can we hit it.

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  8. Aw well.... we are what we are, and we ain't what we ain't.

    There is an old addage about parties, "no religion, no politics." My updated list includes: "no gender, no color, and no sex." I am an androgenous, color blind, uniq, with no affiliations at all.

    Alice in der spiegel is very cute.

  9. Act better people!!!

  10. Same thing with singers..Does singing "I kissed a girl and liked it.." make her a lesbian? and T.A.T.U..does their song make them lesbians? Hold up, they are lesbians arent they?..Anyways, what someone does in their profession does not nessecarily reflect their lives or who they are. Rappers rap about dope and violence, but does that mean they all do that crap in real life? An example of this is Eminem.If they really did, would we hear their names in the news more frequently? Anyways, my point is the entertainment industry is what it is-entertainment.Its not to directly be ascribed to real life.

  11. Search for "Kinsey: Hetero - Homosexaul Rating Scale."

    It is a scale of degree ...6 is completely gay, a 1 is super straight. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

    Like many important issues, it is complicated.
    Understanding "Nature or nuture" helps but is only part of the pressure when understanding "Gender Spirit."

    Song line: "I fell it in my sex that's the place it goes." Peter Gabriel's "Digging in the Dirt."
    (Love the Halloween version)

    Parental input and genetics are obvious influences.

    "Overbarring mother, absent father." Is common phrase for therapist regarding gay men pateints. What does it do to the female offspring?

    The industrial revolution took the father out of the house and left mom to be the sole role model, that shapes both genders. Who does Johnny I.D with? Mom? Sister? Aunt?

    Personally I am more influenced by my last incarnation's sex than I am by Mom and Dad.

    I think it was Oscar Wilde, "In our sex we worship a dark god."

    Trama, deprivations, greeds, deep deep feelings (good or bad) get interjected into human sex.

    And the coup de grau of the whole subject is we need someone else to enjoy it! Even if you're alone you're thinking about someone else. Aw fuck, I have to interact? Hefner called it, "The most civilizing force on earth. It forces cave man to be nice." So, anti-social people are going to have a diffcult time, since it is a most necessary socializing.

    It makes for an overwhelming mass of intense feelings that can be heavenly or...diablo.

  12. The moral of the story is "Know Thyself" within the Kinsey Scale and accept it. "Accept" hell...Revel in it. The media they want to oversimplify. "Gay" or "Striaght" ironically most of us are in between somewhere.