Monday, September 7

im Abschluss

Es war ein Scherz Sean Penn, und könnte sich als nützlich sollten Sie sich von einem asshole auf Berlin konfrontiert kommen.

and on other note.... 
Tennis' New All-American Sweetheart: Seventeen-year-old blond phenom Melanie Oudin has taken the U.S. Open by storm...

how much i would have love for either of the Williams sisters to have been described in such (minus the blonde) when they were teen phenoms... not to take away to all from Oudin. she's an exciting new addition to a sport i love.  i just wanna be described, for once, as all american too.


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  2. What Oudin is doing is exciting, and Lord knows American tennis needs some young talent to latch on to. But you're right, if Oudin continues to win not only in the US Open, but beyond, she'll leap frog the Williams sisters in the poplularity/All American dept. And consideing the Williams sisters are still very much relevant, it ain't right. And there was an article written recently on that very subject:

  3. Not that I'm excusing or justifying it, but people want atheletes that they can identify with. Due to this country's demographics, most Americans can bond or identify with Melanie better than they can with the Wiliams sisters. I guess that's a pretty sad commentary about people, huh?

  4. Oh my God! She actually posted that! Shoot me now. You think its because the William sisters were black? Maybe, maybe not.

  5. they call you American in this bio. But you wanted the words All American right? Whats the difference?

  6. Rachel is correct. You can find examples in other arenas of the same phenomenen in which Rachel speaks of, I'm chagrined to admit.

    Look at the attention Anna Kornicova garnished just for being cute blondie girl.

    The public loves a blond tennis mavin much like an Ice Princess.

    When I think about American soldier's faces in all colors, I deem them a super-hyper-All-American by virture of heart, ability and actions.