Wednesday, February 2

hey 2011!

i've been thinking lately how pleased i am there wasn't the full force online social networking there is now when i was coming up...
don't get me wrong, i appreciate a lot of aspects of social sites, but, imho it seems a lot of great people are spending more time creating and living out 'fulfilling' relationships online than interacting with the tangible.

Maybe i'm sensitive because i now possess a court restraining order good till 2020 against a complete stranger who fixated me, aided by the immediacy of the internet...
 Indeed, what happens when someone starts thinking all your status updates are secret special messages for only them? Nothing fucking good, that's what.

it worries me when i see folks calling strangers their 'twi-families'. Or my friends following their ex's every move... to what end?
I'm glad i realized a long time ago, if my ex's want me to know what's up, they'll tell me; finding out through subterfuge usually always hurts, n'est pas?

So, I find myself more drawn to sites specific to my interests these days, a lot of your blogs, news sites, clever funny sites etc.. and the brevity of twitter i suppose.
And here... my little blog of inconsequence.
oh, and fashion sites! i devour them, and quite often it really does satiate the desire to shop... sometimes looking is enough for me, how about you? True

Thursday, November 25



Friday, October 29

To live & dye in L.A. ~ exhibit A

before the late night dye go round these were..
  1. nanette lepore skirt, was white w/  diff colour stripes...never wore because who needs a big white cloth ass right? will prob dye again for a deeper grey.
  2. old raw silk scarf, was dingy orange.
  3. skirt, was white w/ embroidered pink flowers.
  4. nanette lepore jacket, was a dated odd light green & white w/navy stripes... (stitching didn't dye, I'll work that out & replace buttons) found this at a resale store for $35, saw potential~ might re-dye for deeper colour.
  5. tulle velvet top, was a great shade of ecru, until time made it look just dirty ecru.
  6. silk dress was  light pink with white flowers.
  7. top, was a grungy white from age.. (and litle dee dees from Half & half)
to live & dye in L.A. ~exhibit A

I do so love clothes, but occasionally get really bored w/stuff, colors fade to dreary,or most likely, i've stained them, as i am a clumsy gal who forgets to dry clean in a timely fashion.

SO... rather than get rid of the offending garments a cheap easy wardrobe remake is to dye them! AT YOUR OWN RISK, might I add... I've absolutely dyed things to a muddy murky mess, at that point I usually just dye them black & hope for the best.

if you follow easy to find guides online on how to combine to achieve desired color it really helps. for these pieces i used reg ole rit dye found at local drug store. there are professional dyes w/ more staying power available online, but i wasn't feeling waiting.

I used a few diff dye combos like brown & wine for the darker maroon. another thing to consider is diff material takes dye diff ways...
sometimes it can really weaken a fabric, causing it to tear if you're not careful handling the wet item.(bye bye, never wore you anyways, Moschino dress)I rinsed stuff in machine, but will also pray it doesn't rain while I'm wearing.

oh and totally wear gloves cause my hands look like i been a working in a coal mine.
good luck, lemme know if you try it! xx True

Wednesday, October 13

still sewing!

 yup, still sewing!
this is based on the out of print vogue pattern 8385, I went w/ hook & eye and black ties for a more steam punky feel.

i have the exact totally expensive V. Westwood shirt this pattern is seemingly based on.
my version is lined, though not perfectly, and, YES, needs a good press, but i’d just worn it all day ; ) ….. this is a great top for those with a larger chest, btw!
I’d never put in a hook & eye w/ lining etc before, & next time will probably read some techniques, as i just treated it like a puzzle.
i stumbled on , she has an great blog, with an awesome version of this top,
i’ve made 3 variations so far… very fun and easy to sew.
i also wanna suggest to people who don't sew to consider taking patterns or dresses you dig to a local seamstress etc and have pieces made. you'll be surprised how cost effective it can be, and how great it feels to have fashions that actually fit your specific figure. often a custom made garment will cost you less and fit you better compared to an off the rack designer.

I like the sense of accomplishment i get from making stuff and being creative, be it clothes, collages, acting, what have you... what makes you feel accomplished? xx True

Monday, October 11


now's here a view you don't get in Los Angeles...  for my pals birthday we rented a loft in Tribeca for the same price as 2 hotel rooms... brilliant week was had by all.  oh the stiries i could tell... but i wont, for I am a scorpio after all. xx True

Saturday, August 21


oh, i've been busy this summer! how bout you? i'd share but some things are best savored in silence...

1. a make up lady said the points of my lips are dated. he he he. i love my pointy filler 7 toxin free lips & tiny elf ears.

2. a friend asked why i put my cups in face down in the cupboard.... i gave i imagine a standard nyc lower east side kids answer.
cause that way the ROACHES might not get inside them. those bold, giant, egg sack carrying room mates were everywhere in that  cramped E.10th st apt. impervious to raid, and fond of running cross my face in the non solitude of night. thank god roaches in NYC seem less of a problem then when i was 5. now its bed bugs claiming the island.
  ps. why do we call 'killer bees' 'Africanized bees' and roaches just 'roaches', instead of german roaches? just saying...

3.i made this dress, not the jacket... then realized i'm am not particularly a
 fan of silk. even Nanette Lapore silk from mood fabrics. at leat it kinda looks like a piece of clothing. yeah!

4. be nice to the people you love, no matter how much they piss you off.
XO ~ True

Thursday, June 3

nerdy good kinda clean fun with fabric and ink!

realized i could put fabric ironed to freezer paper (carefully) through my wide formant printers...printed any image i found, w/ various results. fun!

pigment ink on textured linen and 100% cotton, largest print @17 by 22...











Thursday, April 15

to and fro i go...

turn off music player on right, or you won't hear anything!

Thursday, April 8

what i, & most actors do...

Charlie Rose once asked a director why actors talk about their auditions, and the director replied along the lines of 'because that's most of what they do'...
and that's true, our job a lot of the time IS auditioning... only we don't talk about it... on twitter  & stuff.... cause it's private.
most actors are super busy auditioning, taking meetings... then super not busy...then super busy, then super not... and wash and repeat.
maybe auditions aren't every day, but you're busy reading through scripts you've been offered, and deciding if if want to do the part... some days, it's deciding yes or no between more than one job you've been offered and you decide which suites you... some days.. it's making a dress, or gardening or hiking.
Hollywood can get slow...  then we performers/ show folk travel and unravel... or at least i do.

So, for all the twitter or FB people who ever asked- hey Rachel...have any auditions?
 answer- Yes. duh. that's kind of like me asking you if you went to work today. I'm an actor.... it's what I do, audition and then work on tv and film projects you may or may never see. and...

sometimes the 'business' of acting has a slow, steady old school wooden roller coaster rhythm.
other times a weird tunnel wagnerian tune straight out of the chocolate factory... sans gene wilder.
other times a 'we gave you Obama now you wanna be on TV' thumping inside your head beat. beating. like the drumming in a time lords head lately, frankly.

 here's some stills (not usually available to us the actors) from...
1) the initial audition... or right before...where i was reading for a room full of fabulous in charge folks

2) the next time i auditioned on the audition/test day... where it's down to you and ony a few others.... and you read for another room full of fabulous and even more in charge folks, actually, the most in charge people, the people who run the network or studio project... a lot of women executives at this one, btw, very encouraging to see!

then, um... yeah, no i didn't get the part, but the awesome Malinda Williams did, and that's cool because she's a lovely person, and ultimately every actor gets the parts they are supposed to....  I would have been a great choice... she's a different great choice.  we're all still great btw... that's the benefit to not letting others or situations define your awesomeness.

in any field to get down to the final choices out of the hundreds, or more, who vied for the SAME job is cool. it's like getting the bronze or silver medal... you did good. el fin.

once you let go of attachment of the outcome, it's easier to be happy for others, yourself & it's easier for the body to express your art... i had fun auditioning for this project and that's golden, pony boy.
next ones mine,  excelsior! (nerd alert- stan lee is hysterical on twitter, btw @smilingstanlee i think...)

ps- ran into the ever stunning Nicole Ari Parker outside, she was not auditioning, she'd driven Malinda, (both were on Soul Food on Showtime) to the appt. that day, both are seriously talented women and still friends with each other years after working together.. that's actually not the norm in LA. lovely to see. Rachel.

Wednesday, March 17

childhood scribblings

my step mom was a actor & teacher who taught me to read & write @ 4... these are from when i was 5... i think it's good I didn't become a poet!
non the less, i like having them... i get these flash memories of me at that age... and, um.. apparently i was a morbid kid!
my penmanship & spelling never improved btw, rachel.