Friday, August 28

vlog- film critic pals, bad movies and/or the average day in LA, sans glitz & sleep.

for those of you who were like- more you in's plenty o' me doing nothing... on not enough sleep. probably sorry you asked right about now huh? pretty good proof i'd bore the F outta you


  1. I forgot how nice the montage of your work is. Montage within your montage, now. Nice string of videos reflecting on where you've been and where you are now. How about that Truman King how cute is he? I'll take two, one in each color.

    Thank you for sharing yourself so generously. You are amusing and thought provoking. Now tell us that bad stuff.

  2. A nice addition to anyone's day. To be able to 'plug' something in knowing that you're going to chuckle is very medicinal. Hmmm,..very interesting. I thank you. Keep it up,....please.