Saturday, August 29

Rumi rumination

"Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent." - Rumi

The way you make love is the way God will love you -Rumi

" Talking is pain. Lie down and rest, now that you've found a friend to be with." - Rumi

these have been running through my brain.. to be patient, in silence and have infinite faith.... oh, and to know that making love compared to having sex- is seeing god.

to learn to dance gracefully in the rain, with patience and love.... these resonate for my life path...
have you ever found yourself staring at the same old thing, trussed up in a spiffy new package? no matter how shiny, i like that these days that i spot it sooner... than later... so i try to quiet myself, feel the movements around me.... things change on a dime when you're open to your intuition.
less and less of the takers get through... almost like they don't exist.. there's a comfort in that.

'the way you make love..' -is it to fulfill the base desire, or is it about a cosmic connection... both are completely valid and human. i find sometimes the bigger the stakes.. heart, vulnerability.... the greater the sex. though nothing wrong w/ hedonism if that's you're bag.... just my preference.

to lie in silence, with a friend, ahhh heaven.

I've been really drawn to getting a tattoo lately.. what's that about?


  1. I'd rather be dancing in a club with Mona and Dee Dee. :D lol

  2. Attracting the same thing? Interesting. Dancing the Beguine will always find the same kind of partner. Perhaps you may wish to change your repertoire.

    As for hedonistic or spiritual, I vote for the latter.

    Larry James made some insightful observations: "When we make love, we are much greater than the sum of our parts. It is spiritual as well as physical. We never forget the spiritual source of our love. Making love is a Divine idea."

    "We listen for the sensual sounds our music makes. We know our lover's body like a musician knows his instrument and we play it for all it's worth. We make beautiful music together."

  3. (Neat..) what you said about intuition.
    (Awesome..) how people (not necessary friends or even crazed fans... :) ..trickle down (in numbers) to actually- reading and exchanging intellectualism.
    (As for our corrective instinct..) Hedonistic or Spiritual? In ones opinion, can be confusing because when someone tries to separate the two (with limitations) - it gives you an interesting 'litmus' about that person
    (With Certain Limitations..) Tells you a lot about me.
    I'm for.. (with certain limitations) the two. Whenever you see it.
    ** (enough blabbering, I couldn't possibly hold on to a hedonistic person's attention this long) Please write more about intuition. I think you have something there.