Friday, August 28

i disagree... respectfully w/ thee Nietzsche.

"The lie is a condition of life." - Friedrich Nietzsche

maybe the above is a truism, when you really mull it, i mean sure, right?...
but i can't breathe under such restrictions...
for better or worse I've always spoke the truth... 'disconcerting little thing' to adults, i was as child, stripping the emperors clothes off without awareness... yet so sensitive was i to the truth, i must've known somewhere the effect words & a look can have.... even then.
now, i know when to hold my tongue, or to parse it with truthful gentle's a more graceful way, clumsy girl/woman that i am.
the truth will always be the most seductiveturn on in the world for me... well, that and humour.. oh and a brilliant mind, and...

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  1. One of the very basic rules in talk therapy is that you can't break someone's denial, unless they are ready. It doesn't serve anything to bust someone's bubble, (except for one's self saticefaction of venting, which can feel great). The phenomenon of denial is a survival technique of the brain. it is intended to be temporary (six months) and when extended (a lifetime) causes HUGE problems down the road.

    Denial for the past and present...delusion for the future. Somethings are true whether we believe them or not. And the mind plays tricks on us and we deceive ourselves.