Monday, July 27

love, then dinner for one...

a little love making.. then dinner for one.

smaller spider to the left in pic, i believe is the male widow. he's totally trying to get it on, despite chances of survival being VERY slim after said mating... oh men and their need to sire.... nature is so complex... even the nature right under our feet. maybe she eats him after mating, because as every newish mother i know has said- you might as well just do it yourself, for all the help your man gives you in the first six months..... that made me crack up. not so much the new mothers... and of course, i know wonderful new dads as well....


  1. Remember your Greek methology...A soothsayer informed Zues that his wife Hera is pregnant with a male child, and that will grow to be more powerful than he himself. Upon hearing this information Zues plucked the child out of Hera's womb and ate it. Then the 3 Titans sprang from her head and started the universe.

    Male bears are known to kill male cubs and so too big cats kill male kittens to alay any future threat.

    Lesson? Choose you family wisely and don't get a child (or spouse) eater.

  2. oh yeah i know how he feels,i had a big girl or two in my life...that wanted to kill me at one time or another(LOL)....But oh no Rachel,mating will make eggs...that's bad if you are tryin to get her out of your life!

  3. Maybe "Charlotte's Web" effect you very profoundly when you were a little girl. Tee hee hee.