Saturday, July 25

stuff the night is made of...

(turn music player off on side of page, before playing any video...simple solution)

maybe this explains the spider thing... because they're bloody everywhere. upstate NY ones were chunky round, harmless tho intimidating things, not dangerous just robust...
tho i must admit to being held hostage by water bug in a loo at age 7 during E 11th st NYC block party... out here in LA they call them palmettos bugs.. a giant flying hissing roach by any other name is still vile... and regular city roaches... crawling cross me while i tried to sleep, yuck- roaches will always remind me of my E. 10th street childhood...

my stepmother used to say seek and ye shall find, re bugs etc... it's not like she was wrong....but i wasn't seeking... i think they seek me...

spiders have always fascinated/repelled me... the 1st weavers of the world really, that's why i like shooting their pics.... so beautiful and fill of myth, but this lot is so very dangerous for friends kids who come and wanna play innagaddadavita.... don't wanna kil them but faced w/ infestation... so much nicer when we coexisted w/ nature more gracefully..... i hate killing things... my land is not a killing zone... or is it? sigh.
ps song is Bela Fleck 2 prt invention num 13.


  1. Remember "Frank's Place" back in the late 80s? In the opening Frank was awakened by a giant water bug crawling across his me everytime. Frank got pulled off the air when he did the "brown paper bag test." Extreeme edge.

  2. David S. LevinJuly 25, 2009

    Hi Rachel. :) Very nice video, cute pictures of you too. ;) I'm not sure if this totally explains the spiders' attraction to you, but maybe they do like you because you're so nice and they know you won't hurt them. :) Oh by the way, I like the music on the video too. I basically have a lot of feelings of revulsion for insects and arachnids, but on the other hand I do appreciate them as a fascinating aspect of creation. As you say, there was a time when humans and nature existed in peace (in the garden), and I think there will be again someday. Yeah, I don't really like killing creatures of any kind either. I've considered becoming a vegetarian, I don't eat much meat as it is. I think if I had to kill my own meat animals, I wouldn't do it. I'd probably just eat roots and berries or something, not that I think it's wrong to eat meat at present, but I do believe plant eating was humans' original intended state. Good luck with humanely removing the spiders, and I hope no one gets bitten in the meantime. :) Oh yeah, in case you didn't catch the comment I put on your status on MySpace, I think those "Do You Like Me" comments are just automated once someone signs up for that thing, just you don't get too mad when they pop up on your profile. :) I'm not 100% sure on that, but I that's what I think.

  3. I dig the song...i picture a diabolical scientist cooking up something in the lab when I hear it.

  4. Nice! I LOVE the music you chose for this Mini-Doc!

    It is abundantly logical to conclude that you did nothing to create a haven for these mini monsters.

    "What if" there was an element to LOA? And "what if", the more you thought about them, the more you attracted them? No scientific proof. Just an interesting "things that make you go hmmm" LOL or LOA? :)

    Matter of fact, going to start calling LA.... LOA! The Land of Attraction...ok, I digress. :)

    Maybe you can collect them for future potions? I digress from 1st digress!

    IF I can find any solution that looks like it will work and not kill them, I'll send your way. You have tried, and you have been extremly patient. Not that these little creatures understand that. As far as they are concerned, your home is their home.

    You need to evict.

  5. There is a Russian saying translated: "To be born with beauty is luck, to keep it is talent." And Rachel you have proven talented and kept your beauty so very well.

  6. I loved spiders, until I got bitten by one.
    I swallowed a water bug once. it was in my coffee and I didn't know it. And no, it didn't digest and that's how I knew I swallowed it.

  7. GroovygurlJuly 26, 2009

    I get the sense that spiders (house spiders) just want to do their thing and co-exist peacefully without bothering anyone. Can't say the same for roaches. I too, do not want to kill spiders. As long as they are traveling in the opposite direction of me we're cool. I did as a child capture fireflies in a jar to watch them light up. I dig your short ode to spiders. I like your pictures on insect nature, makes me wonder what kind of camera you are using.

  8. You won't even kill a spider. This proves that you are the good-hearted person that I always knew you were.