Wednesday, June 17

i was an auctioneer!

totally just 'sold'humans at Naacp charity auction honoring Chairman Julian Bond....-started off by saying- i'm not gonna use word auction, cause there's humans involved...was all in very good fun, for charity, also added- 'think of this as the week on NPR, kcrw, when you DONATE to support, and i'm your Ira Glass... was held at jude mathis house.. 1 word people, plastics. no, actually syndication.
jusge mathis went from gang kid, to youngest judge in his area, to world known tv show... that's chutzpah. last time i attended party at his house the LA Mayor flew in party on helicopter... syndication, y'all.
totally regret not grabbing lunch w/ Mr Julian Bond, bid, i mean donation, was high but could/should have! argh #failtotalktolegendoverlunch

ps.. faceless sam- those pics of kids are unbelievably beautiful, and sad since the day you put your dog down...


  1. wow... you've gained a pound or two, haven't you?

  2. Demetrius singletonJune 17, 2009

    i sorry that no one has told you yet butttttttt i'm the one with the biggest crush on you
    yes it's true like your last name.I'm glad you said no more penis pictures because i was just about
    to take one lol! But anyway i thing your pretty and no i'm not 13 i'm 33 i just like saying pretty.
    But wait be for you jump on that plane to come fine me just to let you know i'm not rich or tall or over weight i'm just so damn good looking and a truck driver who loves to tell all his friends rachel true is finer then halle berry and they would say ever so nicely who the fuck is rachel true.
    But i gat your back on that, so thank-you for giving men like me a chance to reach out to you
    i know i may never meet you or change your last name or kiss you sexy brown lips (the ones on your face stop thinking so nasty) but i know i'll be fine.So please keep up the good work becaues you are so talented and you are part of the big picture of life we all need and love you thank- you for being here.
    Demetrius Singleton

  3. Demetrius-

    How droll and hysterical... wipe the drool off your chin. Those are four lips you'll never get!!!

  4. Lisa the LovelyJune 17, 2009

    a pound or two. i am completely entertained. *turns head coughs and guffaws*

  5. Ok,I want to apologize to any women that read this beforehand about my language. Edwin I do not know who you are but the way you speak to women is sooo not cool,I do not care if you think they are fat or ugly or whatever. So you need to chill dude with your downgrading comments. And do not even start about I am in love wit Miss.True or any of that crazy bullshit,if you spoke to one of my lil sisters like that I would beat your ass.So you know who I am and so you do not think I am some keyboard warrior,my name is right there and if you go to myspace and look up "The original Lions Den" I will give you the address to our dojo and you can come down and we will see if you will speak to a man like you speak to a woman. Once again, sorry about the language to any ladies that are reading this comment. And Edwin start being a gentleman and speak to women in a nice way, any women.

  6. Lisa the LovelyJune 17, 2009

    "sum of yall look like & smell like shit!!!"

    *laughs and shoots milk out cute little nose!*

  7. edwin, if you don't like me... you should prob not drop by my page. i feel you have agenda..franky, i don't care. discussions, via politics etc, that cool. called discourse. you seem angry, sorry about that mate. i will block you if this is what you consider contribution.

  8. You just keep getting better and better don't you? I mean the whole package: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. You're amazing, lady, just amazing!