Monday, April 27

thru the wires


online social sites, FB twitter etc.... i get them... that's why i'm on them.. i like connecting w/ people... sort of..... don't like that boundaries are left by the wayside under the guise of an avatar...people i've never met referring to me as a 'douche'...or sending me deluded fb myspace emails w/ their phone nums asking 'why we can't work it out?', when I'VE NEVER MET at best.
i've sent comments to people i admire, authors, writers, musicians, directors etc.. if/when they comment back i appreciate it, but totally know that i still don't know them, it doesn't make us BFF's cause they laughed at a joke online... it's not real, much like hollywood, it's smoke and mirrors people...

if people knew me, they wouldn't approach me like that... i think i will always disappoint those who stick to a fixed idea or projection of who i am based on images i've played... even myself if i subscribed to that thinking..
movies and pictures in magazines are images crafted to make one feel a certain way...

i very aware there are many many worse things happening on this planet than dealing w/ lonely needy internet people...of that I'm sure.
no H8 campaign shot...


  1. i feel you.....i don't try to write a personal message to a celebrity on myspace or facebook. for one thing, they're too busy to read them, and secondly, they wouldn't who i was when they log back the next day.

    the furthest i will do is to subscribe their blogs (that's if they're writing the blogs themselves). i discovered you can see them as a real person through their words; instead of seeing them as "movie or tv star".

    bottom line, i love realness. it doesn't matter who it is. it can be joe schmoe living in a trailer in indiana or j. hollywood in beverly hills. if you're "real" makes me want to come back and read more of what you have.

    i agree they are a lot of lonely internet people. les not forget, the internet pervs and posers. all kinds of weirdos in a nutshell =oD

    i like vibes of your blogs. i will come back to read more...

    have a great evening,

  2. Jenny PurpleApril 29, 2009

    Love the pic! Going to the Gallery opening tonight!



  3. Wow! I loved the pics you posted. They are fierce!


  4. LOL. It is a bit creepy. I've never understand the fixation people have with celebrities and it is something that I am glad that I don't have to deal with. I will admit I follow you on FB and Twitter and comment on your tweets or fb statuses. I do that for everyone though, you just happen to be a famous(or infamous, perhaps) actress that I think is good at what she does.

  5. found your blog through the NOH8 pics. Loving the music!
    No judgement on the internet people, some are creepy but those people are obviously sick not bad. Some just very sad or afraid to be themselves in their everyday lives. Some probably teenagers who are just screwed for now i guess....

    Anyway, thanks for the support!

  6. Hahahahaha...Point taken.You're right.Its not real.Good thing you do have a blog, because then we see you as you are.Not Julianne, not Rochella, or Mona. But as YOU!We appreciate that.I think I must be one of those screwd teens who will probably never meet you, and therefore shouldnt act like it.Unless I end up in Cali oneday which would still suck.Because you might remember me by name and face, and at that moment..look left and right yelling "Security!"