Sunday, April 5

just a life moment

Old blog from last year, but the feeling still makes me smile or smirk...had great times since then, but this one was old school random freaky cool.

rachel true,the Real Jordan Ladd
you ever have one of those nights where everything goes right?
this pic i'm posting was one o' those...., (which i randomly saw on internet only recently, (and highlights my profile which my dad always said-not your best angle huh, kid?)
I'd gone to a cell phone launch party, that bonus gnarls barkly were performing at-
cee lo and co were heading on stage, he grabs my arm is is like i know you, you're funny, i wanna talk to you! i die, right? and i'm so not funny for a weird moment, cuz i'm like 'you sing great, and dangermouse um your so tall....'
jordy and i wedge right up to the stage, i got shout outs from the band, then later at after party Dangermouse aka Brian settles a heated faux but not so faux argument caused by a faux pas the guy who created boondocks made,.... i ♥ dangermouse for being such a gentleman, wise hot dude, not to mention quiet genius.
it would be boring if all nights were this fun, but when it happens unexpectedly it's always a ride.

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