Sunday, October 11

my not very helpful hair and skin blog..

here's why i'm loathe to do a real blog re hair, or how to stay looking whatever...
i have no clue. no really... not a clue.  besides decent dna. (shaky on the teeth dentin thing though)

yup.. it's that simple and unenlightening. i don't drink nearly enough water... i washed my face with ivory soap for most of my life...never had a facial... i don't always eat right.. (that's another blog)
i've played around w/ expensive cleansers etc only to find, anything simple, like phisoderm even keeps my skin looking fine.
after my dad passed,(while working on H&H) i went on a junk food tear, (he always called me fat, so y'know i ate the death feelings down) was totally over weight, and did get cystic acne. I cut out the crap, lost weight, embeded zits went away. surfacey teenage white heads still come and go.
the trade off to youngish skin i find is, i sweat like a crazy person, for no reason. could be hiking, or just nervous and i'm um, glowing. maybe that helps flush out toxins... i dunno... my mother looks exceptionally young... tho I inherited her early graying of the hair.

which brings us to hair.. I'm no guru! just a  chick who happens to have some naturally curly hair. it's not relaxed. or permed, just wash and go, but since i dye the heck out of my hair, ( mainly because my dark natural color looks dense & blocky on camera, & to cover grey streak i inherited at 16.)
makes my hair fragile like a newborn kitten, like, it could split ends if you stare too hard.

when you see publicity or movie stills... the makeup and hair is done by professionals, cause i'm an actress and stuff....the candid pictures posted are much more true to life... i don't walk around w/ perfect curls, lit properly... i bloody wish. and in the NOH8 picture where my shoulder length hair is 3 ft long... um, hi, clip in fun hair. i don't wear for life, but i like creating illusions, it's my job. i knew fun hair would make a more striking pic for a great cause. them i unclipped it, back to the same old bob i've had since 20!

what works for my fine curls, may not work for you. my hair changed textures when i moved from humid NYC to dry CA, had to fine hair liked humidity, where as if yours is thick, different boat.

if i want that shirley temple look that i'm too old for, but old people love on me.. i twirl curls round my finger in natural direction while damp and there you have it.

i do recommend and am paid by none-
1. olive oil... i keep some in the shower, once a week-ish leave it in for a few hours or hair, shampoo out. not a bad body moisturizer either.
2. if you're in the money- i LOVE Kerastase. too f'ing expensive though, be warned.
3. Aubrey-organics GPB conditioner. i've use it forever, their web-site is full of comments from curly hair women singing praises. i find some of products too heavy..  gpb stands for glycogen protein balancer- in english, help moisturize when needed, fills in protein when needed. google them. oddly enough, they don't target black or jewish curl girls.. you can find in heath food stores. i love their primrose tanglo gro  for a spray during the day. oddly the spray for curly hair they have jus made my curls greasy & limp.
4. pure shea butter... once again i have to wash out, some of your hair make absorb it.
5.finesse made my scalp burn and hair fall out. allergic reaction, sure. but it sucked!
6. mixed chick hair products are pretty good too.
7. a good leave in conditioner, i even leave gpb in... and a good gel helps define!
8. sometimes i wet hair in showers or just in the sink with hands, run conditioner thru it, and leave in, but shampoo rarely as it's sooooo dry here.

most important remember, curls are delicate, all are different. accepting what you have and working with it is the best advice.  many occasion my hair feels like brillo fyi... which usually in LA means more moisture... x true


  1. Thanks for sharing...we all go thru so much for the sake of our hair. I love when mine has body and fullness...depends on the weather here in The Big know the story...too much humidity and I may as well have a 'fro! LOL

  2. Thanks! I've always been curious about your regimne, or maybe lack there And wondered if that was your natural color.

    You're very lucky to be so effortless.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Most ladies say with the healthiest hair always say "Keep it simple silly!" and i guess that's what you do too.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing! I myself have a short fro, so I look for any tips I can get to take care of my curls w/o using any chemicals that will permanently alter my hair-I'm totally done with that!!

    By the way, in case you didn't know-YOU ROCK XD

  5. Very good information Rachel! It's nice to see another premature silver chick. I inherited my mom's and I cover it up with black dye. I might let it show when I'm 50 tee hee.

  6. I new it wasn't just me! NYC is humid as hell! I thought moving from the south, oh it should be nice and dry and my hair is gonna be so happy. Wrong. Wrong.
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing. I think I should have been an actress. It would be a break from reality and be useful for these facial expressions I can't hide. The great lighting now and then would be nice too.

  7. EVOO is the best and your hair is frickin' awesome! I live in LA too, if you haven't already tried it, I really love Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose. I find it to be a bit more moisturizing than GPB.

  8. boy i've been waiting for something like this from you since I've been natural, always loved your hair and I am so glad your regime is so simple.

    A mix of coconut oil and olive oil is believe it or not even better for me then just straight olive.

    Thanks for your honestly and frankness.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm working very hard on not becoming a product junkie. You just confirm what I have been working on Respect my money and not jump on every product bandwagon. Its not needed for pretty hair.