Thursday, September 17

that honesty twitter thingie bot

people can post their thoughts fairly's called the entire internet.
that cloak of safety isn't enough anymore for some... i knew on FB there was an honestly box.. because there'd be these things like "do you wanna know if anonymous thinks you're a good kisser" ... and i'd be like 'no, um, i don't...not really.'
recently on twitter i got a few posts from an anonymous bot... "someone thinks you're xyz" w/ xyz being a not so nice opinion about me.
scenrio A- if it's someone i actually know they'd feel comfortable expressing it to me in front of me, yup... even the hard stuff... it's what we do.

scenario B- a strangers who have desire to connect.. hiding behind their own avatar, isn't enough safety anymore.... they 'want' more....including one more layer of protection for themselves. i picture a bunch of really unhappy folks to be honest.... wanting more and more and more, trying to grab a piece.... of something they can't touch... and it threatens them... why would anyone want to suck another's energy?

I'd encourage one to worry less about me, and to focus on yourself and to finding own light... everyone has one...right? you'll find it so much more empowering than focusing on people you don't know.

I also receive a great amount of incredibly funny insightful intelligent fb comments, tweets, expanding on themes brought up,  i appreciate they don't try to analyze me... thank you ever so much for that.... it's all just puzzles and word games anyway....xx true


  1. "Find your own light"..I like that idea. Its a cure for idol sickness.If one is more into their own style, ideas, thoughts, and sunshine, they wont be obsessed with that of another person's. I do get hooked on people.Sometimes its a famous person, or it could be a new friend.Neither end well.In the quasi moments of stability where I do find my own light, I function fine socially and personally. So there's the truth of it!

  2. Sadly. too many people don't know how to go about "finding their own light". They feel that their lives are so empty and meanigless, that they feel the need to gravitate towards somebody else's life; thankfully, I "found my light" years ago.