Sunday, September 13

in the forgetting/remembering room...

All sorts of lovely magic up in here, i've read tarot cards for a long time, before the craft, which is why when that script came around i fought for that part, and willed it to happen... you say pray.. i say will.. it's just semantics, really.
Anyway people say i'm pretty good at it... i like them less for 'fortune telling, or future telling' and more for a reflection of where you are now, what's lingering, good or bad... and maybe some options... 

it's kind of like a shrink in a box really...  you'd be amazed at how the same cards come up over and over if you are dwelling on one particular thing or stuck in a pattern. the archtypes on the cards show you... are the same ones say, Joseph Campbell, breaks down in his books.... nothing devily here, it's simply you taping in to your own intuition.. or tapping into 'gods plan' if that's a more palatable way to phrase it...
once at a deli, i heard this voice inside say.. take the other sandwich, not the first one. i heard it, but still took the first. When i got home, there was a big juicy bug in it. and all i could do is giggle and say.. ok, next time i listen you lil' voice.
have you ever heard that little whisper so slight you might miss it, saying turn here instead of there... and you miss the accident you witness in rear view mirror... just intuition.

Be it friend, lover, repair man choice, pet, etc.. i go off energy... and sometimes get fooled, but usually later i remember the whispery truth i'd blatently ignored, because i let desire/want, rather than what i needed, take over. 
oy self control... can't get that out the cards... but they can remind me when i need to take back the reigns, start carving path i want, instead of wandering the Elysian fields aimlessly.


  1. Intuition? Yea, we all have it and I have heard the little voice that says dont do something or do something.Except I thinks its just a conscience talking than a sixth sense.The conscience's educated guess. I dont mess with Tarot cards.I'm too afraid of furniture moving and strange forces I cant see raping me at night.But people are different and have different beleives.And it seems yours have gotten you this far.So power to you!

  2. I have to trust that voice I hear inside myself. At times I don' I love tarot cards! I have many decks as well as Angel cards. I have given readings to others and they have given me great feedback. But the cards are great to reflect on issues going on in youyr life. Maybe we should exchange readings!

    You can also use them to write!

  3. My lil sis reads tarot cards sometimes. I had her do mine right before I moved at the end of last year for 2009. Looking back the things that she predicted didn't come true but easily could have if I had just made different choices.