Thursday, September 3

Carpathian mountains anyone?

almost a full moon... it's super saturated with secrets this one.. Bet my long gone never known gypsy great grandmother would've gotten it to spill it's bounty in light whispery strings. Alas, i am not her...though her unknown-ness tingles my imagination...

What was she like... Was she clever, revered, reviled?... i've decided/ will pretend she was a grand feminesta of her time with castle/moat combo i covet so much. that's what i do with family I've  never met. or maybe it's just collective cosmic memory rearing up... but, when i have my castle, and it maybe in Scotland, cause they're cheaper there... after the central heating is installed... i'll say i told you so, but my friend said- no need, i'm confidant you'll get one... but yup, i digress.

My Dad ws any only child,  i only met his mother once, which turns out was enough...she was old and sad;  i wanted to buy/get her a dog so she had something to love & receive love from.  So very shriveled was she from its deprivation.  She declined the dog, in retrospect she might have made  coat out it, so alls well that ends well....
in dreams you can see the soul sans the frailties of this human personality, and these unknown woman with their eastern european lineage and resiliance fascinate me  (do they roll in their grave at  me, this bohemian brown girls, or look on w/ curiosity & delight?)

Must more eastern european countries on my travel list..
some places, like Greece, i've been twice or more others still my on my to get to list...

Machu Pichuu/ Peru
and any/ all of Asia...


  1. I went to many Asian countries back in the 80's. Let me know if you need a travel companion-that is,if Kathy Griffin isn't too busy. lol. It would be nice to see how much Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan have changed since then.

  2. Intersting you wonder about your family like that..I have family I never met that are long gone dead.According to my religous beleifs, they will be ressurected to earth in the near future.So I dont really wonder what they were like or make it up since I'll know for sure oneday. But your imagination is priceless and rare, lacking among many sophisticated adults within this age.I say hold onto it with dear life!

  3. It was E. Euro Jews that created Hollywood. They brought their wonderful story-telling tradition, business acumen, and loved America's freedom.

    That thread still continues in you Rachel, in an All-American, honey colored, femme fatal.

    Yiddish is a dialect of Deutsch.