Monday, July 6

'say goodbye to hollywood', and my blog email..

wax tiger

Vegas wax tiger woods gives no love...

well no, actually say hello to hollywood is n=more apt, but that titles an old billy joel song that a sitar playing weirdo stepdad i had would play when i was a kid...

which reminds me of a night in NYC, I was on my way to newish boyfriends house party.... hadn't been to his flat before & had left apt # home... per usual... pre cell phones for masses.. any way.. i stood in a 5th ave upscale hallway (had remembered correct floor), like Alice in wonderland-

door A- sounded like a huge mass of people all singing w/ boston accents to that billy joel song 'well, we will all go down together, steel mill /war' song with an amazing amount of commitment and sadness....
i'm not gonna lie... it scared me... i was like wow, i really misjudged this dudes idea of what a fun new years party might entail

door B- blasting Nirvana w/ usualy party ruckous... guessed correct and rang in oh...92 i think...
glad bands like Mr big were fading, grunge was in swing, and billy joel had been left in my childhood long ago.

also, i've gotten rid the blogspot email. Put a comments bar down on very bottom of main blog page where you can comment on entire site, or ask any questions...and i can comment back. love it if you'd recommend there sites you like, or find edifying.... xx true

ps i really do think vegas attracts a low level vibration of person.... to quote s. king again-
'the ground is sour'.. i wish more Americans would really travel... abroad... and not accept 'the Paris' casino as a substitute for the real deal....

i will now think of the sunsets on Fira, Santorini, greece, and how nothing in Vegas can touch that image sealed in my soul...
btw-had 1 drink and spent a whooping 5 bucks in slots in 4 days... yes i do feel pretty smug about that, i'm convinved i shall not be back unless another friend is honoured... and then only maybe.
soooooooo glad to be home if only for moment.....x true


  1. Dam i want a kiss 2...Wow 5 bucks,that's big timing in my eyes,cuz i'll just go an play the 10 cent slot machine with a doller if i was 2 play something....kool blog & kool you $_$

  2. What golf wax figure is that behind you?

  3. Wax Museums seem like something out of a Stephen King novel - too weird and scary for me. Right up there with clowns, caged animals and Orlando.

  4. I agree with you about Vegas. I have to say I'm a little jealous also. I have always wanted to go to Greece and Africa. I loved your pictures with the lions. I've done a little traveling in Europe and Asia but I hope to do much more before my time here is done. Though I don't know you personally I enjoy reading your blogs and feeling like I can get to know more about you. I wish you happiness in all your travels. Take care

  5. Heh heh...Tiger doesn't want his wife to see him kissing beautiful spokesmodel for he will catch hell at home.

  6. Hey I just went to Vegas for my BFF's bday. I didn't drink at all and spent 1 dollar on a slot. I win lol!