Monday, June 1

things I'm working on...

so i make collages, this is kinda like a collage, of a few thoughts roaming round....
what do you wanna change re yourself? and what do you like about yourself....


  1. Where can you get your kid blocks? They look pretty cool. Definitely gotta quit smoking, girl... I smoked for about 10 years, so I know how hard it is to quit. But I haven't smoked in 6 years, so it can be done! You're awesome, though... I'm a huge fan and I wouldn't change a thing!

    **Except for the smoking, but only for health reasons!**

    Now for me... I would exercise more, lose weight, play with my dogs more, smile at people more than I already do... make myself meditate way more than I do.

  2. Well My Lady! I love that I am not afraid to fail or to hear a thousand no's. I am not afraid of life or change. I don't fear emotions or being vulnerable, and I pursue friendships with people, even when they are afraid to go out on a limb to nurture a friendship. This has given me lots of long term, healthy friendships with people who love me and trust me, because I helped them pull something out that told them they could love. Now what would I change? Hmm i wish I could be more focused, sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on something over here if I'm focused over there...that holds me back. I would change my metabolism lol. Mostly though I don't want to change much about myself.

  3. What I want to change:
    my shyness-i hate being shy;its prevented me from having friendships and going after things i wanted

    i want to eat healthier and exercise

    i want to stop spending money on things I don't need

  4. Ah, darling. I thought you'd quit smoking. Far be it from me to preach to anybody else about dropping bad habits... but we'd all like you to be around for a long time (end of after-school-special PSA).

  5. Oh, and as for me and my bad habits: eat healthier, exercise more, procrastinate less, watch less TV, improve my spiritual walk, and try harder to see the positive in every situation.

  6. Great video! The editing is fun and collage making is pretty awesome, especially with friends.

    As for change...I'd like to not be afraid to embarrass myself so much! Be able to laugh about my mistakes in a more constructive way.

    And what I LOVE about myself...definitely my quirks, especially my affinity for obscure hobbies and music.

  7. I'm struggling with the smoking thing too. Fortunately, I found some nic gum on clearance for seven bucks a box, and now it's ready for me whenever I'm ready for it. Wow, I mean it's not like we don't know it's bad. I wanna quit just so I quit getting hated on.

    This is an exploratory period anyway, as I left my job w/out another one in the wings. It's slightly frightening (the unemployment and the rampant self-exploration) when it all comes down.

    If you can't enjoy your own company, though, can you expect others to? I think I had briefly dropped out of my top 5 favorite people, but I renew my claim that I tend to be the most entertaining person I know 90 percent of the time. I cook fantastically, my wit is razor sharp, and my musical taste (excluding a few guilty pleasures) has to rival a Rolling Stone staffer.

    If I could increase the brain-->mouth filter to a larger size with a swifter response time, and I should do a little more looking at the plank in my own eye rather than the splinter in my neighbor's. Not so much that I'm selfish, but I want to be more UNselfish. Does that make sense?

  8. Scott BessacJune 10, 2009

    I just read a study that said smoking in moderation is actually healthy,can help prevent the onset of Parkinson dis and a bunch of other stuff.I have been a pro.athlete for 18 yrs and it has never affected my wind or really anything for that matter.