Monday, June 22

Naacp Event, the future, and semantics

Eric LaSalle, me, Duane Martin from recent Naacp event... totally neat.

i look like what i imagine a wax statue of me would...
not bad,just somehow not in THE or that moment... or maybe i was just freaking out inside knowing i was the auctioneer, i prefer 'donation mistress' btw, for the night.
hard but fun to ad lib jokes on your own and sell but not sell, 'donate time of' colored people, i mean people of color, i mean, opps, my semantics slip is showing again

see, secretly, would love to see them switch the c & p
becoming advancement (of) people of color
it's just semantics on my part, but somehow the latter seems more proggressive.
i really dig work they do, i guess just trying to think of little ways to show
a new generation, raised in America, that this organization was
started by both my people- blacks and jews in a church,
now church not as much my thing,tho rest assured i'm spiritual...
amazing we all haven't banded together more smoothly,
Baby steps.. gonna take Baby steps....
i said to that to my friend who was upset at Obama re gay issues
as well as
our country is a quilt made of blood
and sweat of those who stood before..
Baby steps..
people of all colors, across globe are in need.
the above statement is not endorsed by anyone but me, to be clear!


  1. Funny...Sometime years ago my ex-girlfriend told me looked like Eric that piss me off,why?...thinking of it now,i don't know why,cuz he's a good looking guy!....So Rachel why are all the primetime tv,don't have all black shows,like when you was on tv....what happen?....for real man it's like 2 or i guess 3 shows....WOW they had more black shows in the 70's,then they have on now....i love lookin at black women on TV,but i sometimes want something a little more deeper then just New york goes to work ?_?

  2. Its funny how the NAACP just doesn't have the cache' it used to have, and I think you touched on it a bit, with your desire to juxtapose some letters. I think people either think the need for the NAACP is gone, or they believe that helped "old" people.. I wonder if the powers that be at the NAACP (unintentional rhyme) have thought about how to re-package their products..

  3. R.D.S you know why theres shows like new york goes to work and "for the love of (this celeb)" shows,because they find it the reality shows is most interesting right now. sad as it is some are,my favorite is college hill,hell i even wanted to be a cast :P but i guess as far as other shows around the media for blacks,I'll just see whats tyler perry's new projects are :)

  4. I used to go to a synagogue with a nice mix of blacks and Jewish people. It's a cool place. If you're ever in the Midwest you gotta check it out.

  5. Rachel, I am a GREAT fan.

    Very respectfully, I don't see what changing the order of the name does for the mission of the NAACP. Jewish people are not generally considered of "color" and their contribution to the NAACP is very evidently chronicled in the annals of the organization.

    Is there a need for an organization promoting the agenda of people of color at large? Perhaps. However, I don't think black/biracial (black descended) folk can afford the burden of yet another group, where they make all the sacrifices and others reap dividends. Suddenly Obama must also make a gender speech etc.

    The NAACP was created to foster black folks in an environment that was generally hostile for them. Today, they (should) serve the same function given all of the issues the community faces (locally or externally). Foundations and groups exist for this purpose for all other communities; somehow, everyone and their momma finds this organization oh so threatning. Its quite tiresome. Sorry for the rant.