Saturday, April 11

i dream of being a gypsy traveling round...and getting paid for it...

Zimbabwe and baby elephant toes.... from Rachel True on Vim

Baby elephant toes!
Every one should travel to Africa!!!!!! and play w/ baby elephants.... i was there amazed at number of German, Asian tourists in Africa, but precious few Americans, that's our education system for you.... we all go to Europe 1st.... we're such a eurocentric colonial country when it comes down to it. x true



  1. I really want to visit Africa. Hopefully I get study abroad in Kenya next year.

  2. So glad U enjoyed Afrika!I live in the UK,Oxford-but there's no place like home(South Afrika).Haven't gotten to travel much in Afrika coz of restrictns imposed by apartheid,but hope to do so.Went to Ethiopia last year,it changed my life!People there R strong,with a pure,powerful sense of identity.An untainted confidence that many of us South Afrikans lack as a result of our recent history.I took something for myself from the eyes of the Ethiopians I met.A queite strength & confidence.The poverty is always painful, of course.It stripped me down to my true, naked spirit-no airs,no graces."Afrika, my Afrika". Phakama(your self-appointed Xhosa tutor-:)

  3. My 11yr old son thinks your a super hero after seeing this pic,he swears it is not real the lion would of ate you,whatever looks fun,Scott

  4. I lived in Europe for 9 years. My family never would visit...I had to pay for one of my sisters to visit, and she only stayed a week. My daughter was born while I lived in Germany. She's visited more countries that she has states. At 8yo, she constantly asks to move back to Europe. I went to my high school reunion in 1999 and I was really amazed that so many classmates have never traveled out side the mid west, let alone the US. I really wish more Americans would travel internationally and see that their sense of entitlement is a false sense. I don't know what it will take for the average American to realize that there is SO much more to the world than the US.